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Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Musical skill development will be tracked for all participants with the following tests: Abridged version of the Musical Aptitude Profile: Reformatted (by us) and ported-to web as on-line assessment for rapid and scalable assessment. Test to cover specific elements of music appreciation and (Western) musical aesthetic reasoning. Family Video carries the best musical films at the best prices you’ll find anywhere. Whether you want to relive your favorite broadway musical in its film adaptation like “Oliver” or “Mamma Mia” or you’re looking for popular musical movies like “Footloose” and Fiddler on the Roof,” you’ll find them all at Family Video. According to data from research firm 7Park Data, the musical was the most-watched piece of content on any streaming platform during July with 37% of their sample size watching. These appealing natural sounds provide only a hint of the vast range of musical compositions hidden away in many kinds of data. Lately I’ve been having lots of fun transforming data I’ve collected into natural music and posting the results on my Youtube channel, like the video below. Various methods for making sounds from data are available. Datavideo CB-31 164' All In One Video Cable Set The CB-31 from Datavideo Corporation is a 164' (50M) length of all in one video cable set which includes one 5-pin XLR, one RJ45 and two BNC. Datavideo CB-31 Features: Connections ... Old School Musical - The Original Video Game Soundtrack (DATA079) by Various Artists, released 22 October 2018 1. Yponeko - Childhood 2. Yponeko - Home 3. Yponeko - BIG MAMA 4. Yponeko - Tutorial 5. Yponeko - Before Training 6. Yponeko - Marmite 7. Yponeko - Matriarchy 8. Yponeko - Into The Present 9. Yponeko - Into The Glitch 10. Hello World - Drugged MJ 11. Gracenote Global Music Data is the most comprehensive collection of worldwide music data available today. With deep, clean data and standardized artist and recording IDs, Gracenote enables entertainment services to simplify how fans find, discover and connect with more of the music they love. One person can do it all with the 6-in-1 Datavideo 1600T Portable Video Studio! Order online or call 1-800-480-1011! California residents can opt out of 'sales' of personal data. ... and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! ... Posted on 2 de septiembre de 2020. Crea un video musical ...

The Bitcoin Economic Model & The Bitcoin Network Model

2020.09.27 10:50 Jo_Bones The Bitcoin Economic Model & The Bitcoin Network Model

Bitcoin's economic model is the foundation for a whole new internet architecture, the Bitcoin network model, but many people dislike the idea of replacing the current TCP model with a 'pay to view' or 'pay per click' model in which the entire internet is run on top of an economic model.
In the Bitcoin model, a mouse click costs 1/10000th of a penny, a google search might cost 1/100th of a penny, a webpage might cost 1/10th of a penny and a Netflix video might cost a penny per minute.
Why is this important? It opens up a whole new realm of possibilities in terms of how you get paid for creating content, and it opens up huge new opportunities for entrepreneurs to open businesses based on micropayments.
In simple terms, an internet based on Bitcoin allows users to set the price at which others can open a connection to them. In other words, if you want to call me, I can choose how much you have to pay to talk to me. If you're my best friend, I can charge you less than a penny per minute. If you're my ex-girlfriend, I can charge you $5 per minute. It's high enough that if you have to talk to me, you can call me, but you won't waste my time... and if you do, I can always raise the price again.
It sounds like a frivolous example, but take the model and apply it to advertisers. How many adverts do you get bombarded with every day that you don't want to see? In your youtube videos for example? Or on your facebook feed. Well, in the bitcoin model, where the internet itself is built on bitcoin, you can charge advertisers to open a connection to you. So that Grammarly advert you hate? You can charge them $100 to watch their advert. Or, you can set a low rate, like $1 and if they think you're worth it, they can set a budget as to how many advertising dollars they're willing to waste on trying to acquire your custom. But crucially, YOU GET THEIR CASH.
It's a much better model. If you don't want to see any Grammarly adverts you just set the rate at which Grammarly can connect to you to $10,000 per second and never hear from them again.
In Dimely, you can set the rate at which others connect to you. So let's say you're an English teacher, or an online Psychotherapist, or a Legal Consultant. You can charge customers for your time. You set your rate per minute, and they connect to you for as long as they can afford to. You can even negotiate the price in the call, and adjust your price for different clients and the blockchain acts as a permanent record of the exchange which is useful for contractual purposes.
Once you get your head round this fundamental idea, then you start to realize the possibilities. You can charge people to open a connection to you, and your content.
In an enterprise situation, you might be a Hollywood movie studio, publishing a movie to the blockchain. It might cost you $100,000 to upload a single movie at today's prices, but you could stream the movie direct to people's wallets, and they'd pay $1 a time (for example). If you have a million views, you've just made $900,000 revenue. That's a good peer-to-peer distribution model for Hollywood movies, but you can do the same for music, self produced or mass produced, as well as art and literature, blogs, websites, and any other kind of data you can think of.
That's Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is BSV.
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2020.09.27 04:23 drKRB This may be the perfect sci-fi series.

No spoilers, just talking about the show in general.
From the opening credits, the music selection and opening sequence really sets the tone of the show.
Then we get to the actual show and it has such a richness that Game of Thrones achieved with tons of characters and places. This show uses themes: philosophy, religion, ethics, family, survival, psychology, sociology, nature vs nurture, justice, humanity, violence and war, reality, physics and the sciences, and others to achieve its richness.
The more I watched Mother, the more I fell down the rabbit hole of trying to understand her. Wondering what she is thinking and feeling. I know it seems absurd that androids can one day have feelings, but when you think about it is pretty bizarre that humans have the feelings we do. It could be possible for one day that an A.I. could achieve a greater understanding of feelings than we have as humans. We are illogical, irrational, and emotional beings. An android could one day achieve a greater sense of what it means to be human than its biological counterparts.
Father is a wonderful character as well. It’s amazing that he seems to be intended to have one dimension, but he is very multi-dimensional and demonstrates a range of emotions as well. These representations make me question the nature of reality. If something only appears to be real, is it?
Like scenes in a simulation? There are themes that we find in The Matrix films. If I live a life inside a program, was it a life lived?
I can say that from my own existence, I grew up playing video games, and I have emotional attachments to people, places and things inside some of those games. I think as the Internet and virtual reality continue to develop, the lines will become more blurred between physical and virtual worlds.
The android I grew up with was Data from Star Trek: TNG. I’ve since looked forward to the day when I can have a real conversation with a self-aware A.I. It fascinates me. That we can create a mind and that mind can grow and develop and maybe become something beyond what we could imagine (in a good way I hope).
Thanks for reading and I’m sad that the show is ending soon and we have to wait a year for season two. Don’t know if it’s even been announced yet, but they HAVE to make more seasons. Wow, this one came out of nowhere and became my favorite show of 2020.
Sol be with you...
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2020.09.27 02:28 dorothawygant Perfect online Audio editor and Converter - Stop Spending Money on Converters

Perfect online Audio editor and Converter - Stop Spending Money on Converters
mp3 to wav converter
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At the same time, the demand for mp3 to wav is also increasing. Constantly, new music is coming into the market. New music formats are being created. A converter is being developed to make these formats usable. Each converter has new features.
Now any mp3 can be easily downloaded. According to time, you can listen to the downloaded mp3 later. Video is uploaded on every website and social media. You convert that video to an mp3 format according to your needs. But, did you know that mp3 format is not perfect for audio songs or music?

Why should you mp3 to wav?

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However, the actual sound is available through wav formats. Audio files can be saved for many days in wav formats.
On the other hand, an mp3 file occupies less space. However, Mp3 format does not provide perfect sound quality. If stored for a long time, the beat,track is lost. So to avoid this problem, after buying the mp3 file or after downloading the mp3 must be converted to wav formats.
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2020.09.27 01:44 Albert__Zweistein Nobody seems to share my passion.

First off I have to state that I am not obsessive over my passion, I still lead a normal life, but my hobbies include collecting vinyls and photo restauration.
I am 18 and madly in love with the 60s-80s. The music, fashion, TV shows, movies, way of talking - it has mesmerized me. Ever since the pandemic hit, I had a lot of spare time and I spent it in front of my turntable. Old german Schlager and Chanson really have a special place in my heart, as well as some distinct stars of this era. (For example Margot Werner, Elisabeth Volkmann or Hildegard Knef are some of the most beautiful women to me, alongside having such distinct wonderful voices.) The fact that really hurts my heart is that I cannot share my love and admiration for these amazing actors and actresses, the classic beauties, the music with anyone! Sadly, a lot of them already passed away and I can’t write them a letter / thank them anymore. (I plan on visiting some graves to lay down some flowers though.) What bugs me the most: You might think that YouTube or the internet in general would hold enough data to satisfy my curiosity. Instagram alone holds millions of photos that look identical and lack creativity, everyone can look for anything at any given time. But songs or even film productions as a whole are lost, dammed to rot in an archive. I know that there are rules and copyright restrictions, but it feels like I am on a treasure hunt for pictures and videos, I get super close to my destination and then somebody tells me that had I asked for the video in 2017, they could have given me a copy without any problem at all! These amazing pieces of TV history and old Dias sit in the archives of television companies, nobody wants to watch them, but because I am not researching anything, I too cannot access them.
Maybe somebody on Reddit has advice for my ongoing search. Maybe somebody feels similar or shares my passion, feel free to chat, I’d love to talk to you!
Tldr: Can’t really identify with modern pop culture, longing for long gone celebrities.
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2020.09.26 22:32 500scnds [Table] r/MemeEconomy — We are the creators of Feels Good Man, a Sundance Winning documentary on Pepe the Frog and Pepe’s creator Matt Furie, Ask Us Anything.

Because three people are answering, their signatures have been left in (AJ, GA, MF).
Questions Answers
At what point do you consider the initial conception of a character to become irrelevant compared to their current perception? That's a really tough question to answer. I think part of the reason we wanted to make this film was to, in a sense, canonize Pepe. You have to keep in mind that when Matt created Boys Club and it started to get popular, it was just a tiny little indie comic. So when it switched over to the internet and started becoming a popular meme, it pretty quickly became divorced from the original character. And Matt was just a by-standard to all that. Seeing it morph and change over time.
When we see SpongeBob memes with Hitler moustaches or whatever, we understand that this is a derivation of the original. And that's because Nickelodeon has spent millions upon millions of dollars building up that character and his brand. Or like for me (Giorgio) growing up, you'd always see bumper stickers of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbs pissing on a Ford logo or a Chevy logo or whatever. But there was never any question looking at those bumper stickers that what I was looking at wasn't Bill Waterson's opinion on domestic cars and trucks. I knew it was a bootleg. And I kept those two narratives separate in my head.
With Pepe, Matt didn't have that luxury. He's just a single indie artist who created an image that for some reason really resonated with a TON of people. I'm not sure if there's any reliable data on it. But I would say that Pepe is arguably one of the most popular cartoon images in the world. And it's all happened organically, simply based on the power of Matt's artistic abilities.
I don't think that Matt (or us, for that matter) is under the delusion that Pepe will ever be "taken back." Pepe has grown far bigger than anyone could've imagined. But what we do know is that we made a film that tells an important and relevant story about a meme that a lot of people around the world care about.
Matt, did you consider your artwork political before Pepe took off? And did Pepe’s reappropriation to political symbol change the way you approached your art, now knowing it could be changed without your consent or control? In general, I have two main artistic endeavors: fine art and comics. In my “fine art”, I reflect on themes of ecology, family, animal rights, and power violence….to name a few. I consider it more philosophical than political. In my comics, particularly “boy’s club” (the origin of Pepe), I celebrate and lampoon dumb-ass stuff like television, smoking pot, barfing, eating pizza and dumb-ass commercials from my childhood.
I believe that reality is different for everyone- it’s based on what one chooses to focus on. I cannot control what others perceive, but I can control what I consume (spend, eat, watch, read, and scroll)and put out into the world (art). I think that depression, whether biological or psychological, can be remedied by widening your perspective beyond your immediate self/culture. There’s a big amazing imperfect beautiful world out there. I choose to make art to go beyond language and express my feelings through characters, critters and spirals.-MF
Where do you see Pepe in 5 years? 10? I think if there's any lesson to be learned from the past 10 years of Pepe online, it's that none of this is predictable. When we were making this film, we were struggling to figure out how we would end the film.
Then, one morning, we awoke to our phones being inundated with messages about Pepe being used as an icon for a peaceful protest moment in Hong Kong against an authoritarian regime. Definitely weren't expecting that.
We quickly mobilized and reached out to a very talented journalist on the ground in Hong Kong who filmed a "holding hands across Hong Kong" peace protest where thousands of people linked hands, holding bootleg Pepe dolls. It was a very moving experience to receive that footage and start watching.
We were overwhelmed with messages from protestors from Hong Kong. About their deep connection to Pepe. That he was a symbol of their struggle. Of their sadness about the current state of affairs. But that he was a symbol of love. And that they wanted to make Pepe's "frown turn into a smile."
And then there's Pepe on twitch. Which is also wild! So...who knows!?
What do you feel is the best way to prevent icons from being used as hate symbols? There isn’t really a way to prevent an icon from becoming a hate symbol.
Our culture moves in strange ways. I think the best we can do is be critically engaged with cultural discourse and be honest about what people’s true intentions are. There isn’t one interpretation of Pepe the Frog or the Swastika or the Peace Sign or the McDonald’s Logo or the American Flag. This movie is about media literacy more than anything else. What we can do is recognize when a symbol is weaponized and used for antisocial motivations and call it out. Matt has a right to fight against Pepe being used for propaganda, profit and extremism. / AJ
the below is a reply to the above question
To not care and ignore it. Stop being such a pearl clutcher. Caring about the society you live in isn't pearl clutching - - it's being an engaged citizen.
Nothing will get better if we don't honestly engage with reality and work to change it.
/ AJ
the below is a reply to the above
The pearl clutchers on the right who believed DnD and Harry Potter was causing people to become satanists would have said the exact same thing. Why do you believe they were wrong but you are right? Two things can both be true. It can be the case that people posted racist pepes just as jokes. In an earnestly ironic way. It is also true that actual racists then took those memes and used them for their own purposes.
Bad-faith activists with bad intentions saw how Pepe was being used, and who was using it, and coopted the symbol as a recruiting tool. The KKK and neonazi groups have long used pop culture icons to try and ingratiate themselves with the main stream. This is literally a tactic that David Duke openly developed and advocated in the 80s. And it's precisely why Richard Spencer used Pepe as the icon for his podcast. And why the Boogaloo bois use Pepe patches on their sleeves.
Far-right movements have always tried to recruit dejected, impressionable, angry, young white men, by coopting the relevant pop cultural artifacts of the time. And Pepe was a uniquely perfect tool for them. It was similarly true of punk rock in the 80s. Neo nazi's coopted a leftist, anti-authoritarian, organic movement, and retooled the message for their own use. This is nothing new. Pepe is just the most recent iteration.
To the larger question, though, "Is Pepe a racist symbol?" No. And Matt would agree. As you'll see in the film. Neither Matt nor us, the filmmakers, are doing any "pearl clutching." Part of the issue here is that professional racists used the media, who took the story (mostly unquestioningly) and ran with it, doing all the difficult work of disseminating their message. We're simply trying to give this story some much needed context and honesty.
Also, side note: fascism is real. Satanism is not.
the below is a reply to the above
Satanism isn't real? You don't believe there are people who are satanists? What an absurd statement. Was Anton LaVey not a real person? What do you mean by "Satanism isn't real"? When you speak to Satan, let us know. We'd love to interview him.
Also, one of our editors edited a great film you might like called "Hail Satan!"
the below is a reply to the above
Whether or not Satan exists has no bearing on whether or not the belief system or ideology of Satanism exists. So again, why is one pearl clutching and the other isn't? Because to people like me, they appear exactly the same. Again, Fascism is real. And kills people. IRL. Satanism, as an ideology, might be real. But the dangers of the philosophy are wholly imagined.
the below is a reply to the above
I agree with you, but I would also extend this to modern day fascism in the US. It's the left's modern-day satanic panic. What you're doing is looking at a few morons on the cringe fringe and painting their followings as being way bigger than they are. It's like when people still opine about the KKK when there's only a few thousand members left. These people are irrelevant, and by painting them as some menacing threat you're giving them more power than they deserve. Have some fascists done shitty things recently? Sure. Were there satanists in the 1980s who were doing shitty things? Probably. But that doesn't mean either one posses the threat to society their opponents believe they do. Just ignore them if you want them to lose their power. Why is that so hard to do? Fascism is a joke, until it's not. My father grew up under Mussolini's regime. He's sufficiently worried about the dangers today. He's been a pretty reliable person in my life, so I'm going to trust him on that perspective.
A thought exercise for you might be, perhaps consider the possibility that it's easier for you to ignore these issues, because you're not particularly under personal threat. But that is not the case for lots of other people. There are literal kids in cages in the border. There is an actual white nationalist working in the white house. Our environmental policy is being rapidly unwound by know-nothing anti-science zealots. The abysmal response to COVID has been completely consistent with a deeply inept and corrupt government cravenly self-interested in corruption and their own self-preservation. The most recent COVID bail out package was yet another massive gift for the rich and for corporations. All of this has to do with "ignoring fascism."
/ Giorgio
the below is a reply to the above
They were there under Obama as well. Does that make Obama a fascist? Again with the "muh fascism" hyperbole. Do you hear yourself? You sound like the tea party under Obama calling him a communist. What evidence do you have for any of this? You're doing exactly what the tea party did under Obama only turned up to 11. You just can't see it because it's your bubble this time. In twenty years, we're going to look back at this moment and laugh at people like you In the same way we look back at fundamentalist Christians in the 19850s or anti-communist in the 1950s. Have you ever asked questioned the fascist Boogeyman you believe? What if it turns out that maybe you're being a bit hyperbolic with this stuff and you blew things way out of proportion? What if your documentary ends up being pointed and laughed at as an example of a moral panic we all lived through? I'm not sure this a productive conversation any longer. I believe the administration's response to COVID should make it overwhelmingly clear to anyone curious about who is being hyperbolic and who is engaging with reality. Be well my dear friend. /Giorgio
Why did you decide to make a movie about a meme? Pepe is a very special meme. It’s been around of 10 years which is an eternity for anything online. It has even outlasted several of the websites it was popular on. Myspace being the primary example. So while Feels Good Man, really focuses on Pepe as a character — we obviously get into “memetics” as larger topic.
I think the change caused by social media is the most important story of our generation and Memes are a significant way the human experience is communicated online.
In terms of politics, memes are a way in which supporters of a candidate can feel like they are a contributing to a movement. Memes can be used as way to build coalitions and maintain an engagement. They also allow you to share facts and analysis in a way that is contagious, funny and thought provoking. This is obviously and good and bad thing. / AJ
Matt, you tried to kill Pepe but that didn't seem to go as planned, are you now glad that he didn't stay dead? Arthur and Giorgio- what was the craziest story involving pepe that you came across while doing this? Hi LuckCosmos
In the same way Wile E. Coyote can run off a cliff over and over or be flattened by a train and return unscathed, Pepe can return to form. Matt never thought that “death of Pepe comic” was going to be a thing people noticed or paid attention to. It was a six panel comic done during a moment when he was frustrated and wanted the whole Pepe controversy to go away.
We filmed an interview with an occultist named John Micheal Greer, in the middle of the night, in a historic library that Edgar Allan Poe used to write in. At first we thought the interview was going to be quirky but it actually got very deep. At various times during the conversation I got goosebumps. That conversation had it’s own gravitational pull.
This film took us on a pretty wild global scavenger hunt (some of which didn’t even make the final cut).
The craziest thing honestly, was how positive the film-making experience was. This film was made by a group of friends and artists. We worked really hard on it and that hard work paid off, both in terms of making a good film and strengthening our friendships
Do you see “Meme Magick” playing a role in the success of Pepe? If so, what do you think meme magick is? When this project started I didn’t give Meme Magick much credence. I knew about the numerology of 4chan posts and the quasi-religious memes 4channers made.
This is a film about a stoned cartoon frog but it’s also about the cultural imagination. It’s about our shared zeitgeist. So we decided to include a discussion of Meme Magick as one of the many ways people ascribe meaning to symbols.
In Feels Good Man we interviewed Susan Blackmore who wrote the text book on memetics and we also talked to an occultist named John Micheal Greer. His definition of magic echos that of Dion Fortune: “Magic the art of causing changes to take place in consciousness in accordance with will.” He talks about Pepe both as sigil and as an omen. I tend to agree with him.
If memes like the Cross or the Virgin Mary can be considered Magick - Why can’t Pepe? /AJ
1. Do you know who posted the original Pepe comic to 4chan back in the day? 2. What do you think is the reason that the Pepe illustration is so popular? Like in an artistic sense. Is it the big eyes? Hi Thanks for this.
Re 1: Nope. We have no idea who first posted it to 4chan. Matt posted the “Feels Good Man” page from Boy’s Club Issue 2 on his Myspace page. From there Pepe spread as a reaction image to a variety of message boards…. Shroomery. and 4chan.
Re 2: While making the film we asked a version of this question to everyone we talked to. It’s not a question that has a really definitive answer. My feeling is that Pepe is innately nostalgic. He feels like a muppet or toy from your childhood. I also think frogs carry some sort of weight for people. Even in nature, frogs appear funny, cute, off-putting and vulnerable at the same time. /AJ
What are your thoughts on twitch taking this image and transforming it in so many ways and basically creating a language out of pepes and peepos? Do you think its a good use of the image of pepe the frog? The Twitch stuff is wild. I'm personally fascinated by linguistics and how memes/emojis have developed into incredibly sophisticated forms of communication. I've also had to learn up on a completely new lexicon, dialoguing with people on social media now about this film. It's both thrilling and terrifying...but ultimately pretty incredible. / Giorgio
One of my dreams is to get into documentary work, either in film or podcasting. What's your biggest advice for someone who wants to be a documentarian? Also, I just want to thank you for making this film. Media literacy is something I care deeply about, and it looks like you guys have made a powerful tool for teaching it. I'm bummed I never got to see it in theaters (I was gonna volunteer at the Wisconsin Film Festival), but still hyped to see it for the first time in September! Thanks so much. We're really bummed about all the festival cancellations too.
As for advice on dreams of getting into documentary work.....Just do it!
Both me and Arthur are self-taught. We both came from creative backgrounds. But honestly the biggest hurdle is often overcoming your own insecurities and trusting in yourself and in the process.
Also, write a lot. It seems counter intuitive. Some people make documentaries to avoid writing a script. Which is understandable. Because writing a script is really hard. But the truth is, making a great documentary involves writing a ton. Both writing down your own ideas. But also writing paper edits based on the voices you've captured.
And you're constantly re-writing throughout the process. Challenging your own thesis/ideas as you collect more footage and more stories. Don't expect the final narrative to resemble your initial intentions. And just enjoy the ride. And be open to adapting the story in your head with the story unfolding in front of your camera (or microphone). Don't try and force it if it's not on the screen. / GA+AJ
Matt’s art is so good I agree. I was a fan of Boy's Club well before this film. Matt is releasing a coffee table book this fall called Mind Viscosity. It showcases his full wild Furie-ness in all its glory:
If you only know Matt's comics you should check out his fine art as well. /AJ
What community do you think makes the best Pepe memes? Also, what was the best Pepe meme you guys came across while doing research? My favorite Pepe meme creator is Peekaso. His animated gifs are pretty next level. You can find them on a variety of gif sites.
While doing research, The rare pepe that made me laugh the hardest was a version of the “young rock” meme redrawn as Pepe. I was eating a sandwich and had to do a spit take.
I also think Joe Bennet’s #savepepe animation is very touching.
What was the most unexpected part about making this film? Honestly, getting into Sundance and winning an award. It's admittedly a really weird story to explain to someone with no context for any of it. So to be accepted to the biggest film festival in the country was a pretty incredible. And then to win an award was even more wild. We walked into the awards ceremony fully committed to the idea that we would win nothing and were just there for canapé and cocktails. /Giorgio
What are the best or weirdest bits you had to cut out of the documentary (didn't flow, couldn't get rights, etc...)? In being the subject of the documentary, what's something you ended up changing your mind about regarding the whole affair? The weirdest bits? Hmm. In our rough cut, we had a broader discussion of memetics as defined by Richard Dawkins in 1976. That got cut for time but wasn’t necessarily “weird.”
We cut some discussions with various Pepe Meme makers. The weirdest of these scenes we are going to release as an outtake soon. I don’t want to spoil it here. It was one of our favorite moments and it was a bummer to cut it. “Kill your darlings…” as they say.
We talked to a lot of great talking heads as well. We had an amazing discussion with the graphic designer Steven Heller who wrote a book called “Iron Fists: Branding the 20th-century Totalitarian State.” That didn’t make the cut but will be released as a stand alone short. He’s a real American treasure. /AJ
Matt - Despite the general negativity surround Pepe, do you think there is a chance people’s perception of him as an alt right character will change? Arthur and Giorgio - What about the film do you feel helps promote this change in perception? Legit can’t wait to see it hope you guys have nothing but success! 1. As a white male living in this culture, I have to take responsibility for my own white supremacy. Perhaps the lesson here is to confront my own cultural programming and upbringing and help to bring awareness to my friends and family. I believe that there is an awareness beyond our physical and mental selves that is pure love, pure loving awareness, and that everyone can tap into it. If we don’t do it this time around, maybe next time. We are all just extensions of our parents, our grandparents, and on and on forever. The fact that Pepe is a stoned frog that likes to chill may be able to help. It’s good not to freak out. It helps others remain calm. -MF
2. I think all we can hope for is that by telling the story, people understand the context more fully. The power of documentary filmmaking is the ability to build empathy for people and places and experiences not their own. The film also has a TON of rad animations of Pepe, Landwolf, Andy, and Brett. I think people are going to be pretty psyched to see. Anyway, I think once you understand someone's story, it becomes more difficult to ignore it. That's true of everything. So I guess our hope is that maybe people be kinder and more patient with one another. This shit is hard man. / Giorgio
I met you back at the Portland Indie Comics Fest, Matt! Just wanted to say that it was super cool to meet you back then and am excited to watch this documentary! Is there anything you guys are most excited to share with this new docu? Wasssup! I’m excited for people to see the cool animations and the insane story- also my suit I bought at Men’s Wearhouse looks rad on the big screen- I love the way I look. Unfortunately I left it at the JFK terminal. /MF
In terms of securing rights for showing images etc..., I imagine it's easy to get Furie's cooperation, but was it ironically difficult or expensive to show any Pepe-derived stuff in the documentary? Good question Cory. Making this film was a totally unique process. We licensed Pepe from Matt. Then we acquired the additional footage and memes in a variety of ways. I think we downloaded something like 32 TBs of Pepe videos and memes.
Some of our footage we paid for but most of it fell under fair use. Our fair use attorney Katy was a huge part of our collaborative process. /AJ
the below is a reply to the above
What was the weirdest fair use issue you came across that Katy helped you unravel? Were there any that surprised you either in the "I can't believe that's fair use" or "I can't believe that's NOT fair use" scenarios? Shania. Twain.
You'll have to watch the film to understand /AJ
the below is another reply to the original question
Is Matt particularly open to licensing Pepe to outsiders? I imagine he's pretty wary given the circumstances, but it'd be nice to see a Non-racist Pepe Ice Cream Truck. Matt trusted us - so he licensed Pepe to us. That said, he recognized that the film wasn't a puff piece. Everyone wanted the film to hold up on its own artistic merits. Furie never gave us guidelines of what to include or not include in the edit. The journalism and cultural critique contained within the film are the work of the filmmakers.
I have no idea about a ice cream truck. I can attest that Matt does love ice cream very much. I've seen him seen many hot fudge sundaes. /AJ
How do you think art has changed in the world of the internet, now that people can copy/mistitle or give content out of context? What can be done to stop the spread of misinformation? I believe that our true power comes from our ability to be with eachother and to listen to one another. Having the world of the internet in our pocket, always “on”, gives us this false sense that we are more connected. I get the feeling that we are actually more divided. Our attention is divided. Our ability to “wonder” about things is gone (just google it!) Art for me is about legacy, creating something bigger than yourself that can speak to the human/animal/plant/mineral condition. That will always be the same. Art is a place we can visit, we can make it or just experience it. It should be therapeutic.
Take a break from the internet, take a walk, go for a swim, talk to your pastor. /MF
Hi everyone! I have 3 questions/comments: 1- Is the documentary going to be licensed for more regions? I tried getting it through Vimeo, but my country wasn't on the licensed list. I'm from Brazil. Didn't try on Apple yet, though. 2- Have you guys seen Jordan Peterson's videos/comments about Pepe? He's done a symbolic/metaphysical analysis with his friend Jonathan Pageau, and it's actually pretty interesting. Look it up on YouTube. 3- Matt, I hope you're not sad about the whole Pepe situation anymore, looking back now. It's a fun character, nothing more than that. We know how the Internet is (trolling/joking/sarcasm), and how the media reacts to things (anything for clicks ands ads). I know it's been a rough journey for you, but I don't think Pepe represents anything bad, and I don't really feel like people actually stole him from you. In the end, you should be proud for creating something popular that so many people enjoyed! Thank you for your work! Thanks a lot for your time! 1- I’m not sure about Brazil yet. We have different arrangements with different distributors in different countries. But I don't think we have anything currently planned for Brazil.
Film distribution is a dark art. Our hope is that plays everywhere, but film distribution is unfortunately not always in the artist's control.
Certainly there are parallels with Bolsonaro and what is happening in the U.S.
2- I have watched it. It’s the one where he is wearing a frog head right? People love Jordan Peterson. Maybe it’s because he sounds like Kermit. I’m sure JP would be morally appalled by the messy state of Pepe’s bedroom. “Clean up your room Pepe!” / AJ
3- Thanks man! - MF
Thanks for the questions.- AJ
Why doesn't Matt sell Pepe (or other) shirts on his website? I would really like one, but I'd like to endorse the original artist. There are shirts available, provided by vandals and con artists. I feel like a good amount of money could be made selling Pepe merch. Thank you! We will have that up on our website soon actually! Thank you for asking. We have a poster for sale right now too.
the below is a reply to the above
On the movie website? Or Matt Furie's website? I'll check out the poster. We'll be selling film related t-shirts but will feature Pepe prominently
the below is a reply to the above
I'll keep an eye out! I also wanted to add that the movie looks very promising and I've heard nothing but critical praise so far. You should feel very proud and I hope you get all the recognition you deserve! Thank you so much for saying that! much appreciated. The film is out today!
How does it feel to be in the group with all the famous people who saw their art recouped by reactionaries and fascists, you are in the same category as the wachowskys, Carpenter, Palahniuk and also Fincher, all country music, the anti globalization movement, etc The biggest and most challenging part of being a human is to overcome this idea of “us vs. them” and to find the best way to approach a situation. I try and see the big picture, or at least the grey area between the black and white. When Pepe was first added to the “hate symbol” database, my initial reaction was to say that it’s just a phase and it will change. I’m not sure if it’s locked in to our American culture’s collective conscience yet, but it is bigger than just our American culture….it’s a global phenomenon. How do we overcome division? How do we make sense of duality? It’s a personal journey that begins with ourselves and our creativity. Pepe is my baby and I want to take care of him and treat him with love and kindness, especially now that he is an angel. /MF
Hey guys! Has anyone read the comic, Megg and Mogg by Simon Hanselmann? I've always considered it a female Boys Club, and I wanted to get your takes on it if you've read it. Cheers. I love MegaHex. I think Simon is super talented and love how popular their comics are.
It should be noted that Brett in Boy's Club is a fun-loving gender fluid blue creature who loves listening to Shania Twain and dancing in his undies. xoAJ
Question for Matt, Now that you have this film about to be released, do you think there will ever be a wide release of Duck and Chimpanzee's rock and roll summer? Haha, that’s a deep cut. “I would love to make love to those chimpanzees.” Who is this by the way? /MF
the below is a reply to the above
That movie holds a special place in my heart. This is BH btw. <3
Is it called “Feels Good Man” or “Feels Good, Man”? They’re not the same thing, after all. Is it "Encino Man"? or is it "Encino, Man"?
We say it with the comma's memory implied. But for graphic purposes, and to stay true to the comic, it's "Feels Good Man." / Giorgio
What’s is the First first drawing Of fells good man ever? Boy's Club issue #2 is the first appearance of Pepe saying "Feels Good Man." Matt posted a page from that comic onto his personal myspace page. The scanning and uploading that page is our film's inciting incident. It's a very silly moment to have as an inciting for a feature film. But we treat it with a tongue-in-cheek seriousness it deserves. xoAJ
Did you think Pepe would become as popular as it is? Virality can't be predicted. Life is a wild ride. /AJ
Where will I be able to watch Feels Good Man? It's currently available for pre-sale on Apple TV and Vimeo. Link in the op. Come Sept 4th, it will be available on several other platforms, including VUDU, Fandango on Demand, Alamo on Demand, and a few others. We'll have it all up on a link tree on our website.
Where/how can I watch the film in the UK? Big announcements coming soon. Suffice it to say, it will be very available sometime in the fall. ;)
What inspired you to make Pepe? In the early 2000s, before youtube, Facebook, internet memes, etc. there was a site called It was a wall of psychedelic-child-like visual creativity full of animated GIFs and 80s trash culture. It also featured home-baked comics that seemed to really be speaking with a kind-of family humor vibe- comics about inside jokes you would have with your closest friends. The style was raw and unpolished. I was really inspired by the comics on that site- especially “Alfe” by Ben Jones. Pepe even looks like “Horace” from those comics. I was also inspired by Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, The Far Side, Jim Woodring’s “Frank” comics and the way he draws frogs, Mat Brinkman from Fort Thunder, The Simpsons, The Muppets, R. Crumb, and Frog and Toad kids books. / MF
[deleted] Normal_Now. We were big fans. Last October he posted that he was giving up his account. Ironically, because he was being harassed by "pepe heads," in his own words. He was "interviewing" all the potential buyers of the account. And when I told him what we were interested in doing with it, he thought it was an appropriate use of the account. You can find him now at Respectful_0. We're going to make an in-memorium website with all of his old tweets.
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2020.09.26 19:43 AnnualOrder Okay YouTube. Now you’ve done it.

As a mobile YouTube user, back in the day I used to get 1 ad every 2 or 3 videos, but now? I keep getting 2 ads on almost every video just at the beginning alone plus the many more along.
I used to think, I am using their platform and although they are collecting my data, ads are part of their revenue and the content creators' I enjoy to watch so I don’t mind dealing with 1 ad every 2 or 3 videos.
I especially used to like the fact that I could easily mark/remove ads that were annoying so they wouldn’t show up again. I even got to know a fun game I played back then because of an ad.
However, now... YouTube has been quite predatory forcing the Premium subscription with prompts all the time plus a lot of ads on every video and to top it all off, those super annoying ads with terrible music? They no longer offer the option to block/remove them.
I am sick and tired and maybe I would have considered your Premium subscription along Spotify for the YouTube music app and removing ads altogether while supporting the content creators. But because of your predatory way of trying to enforce and shove YouTube Premium on your users I have instead decided to download YouTube Vanced. A modded YouTube app that will allow me to block the loud annoying advertisements with crappy music without giving you a single penny.
Thanks YouTube, for making the experience so bad I had to do this, I can’t wait for the day a new video streaming service comes and dethrones you. You keep getting greedier without offering new incentives/features to justify it, even though the upkeep has become cheaper and you have gained so many new sources of data to farm, oh-sorry, they are publicly referred to as users.
I am sorry to all the content creators but I will try to at least support my favorite ones if possible.
Edit: Grammatypos.
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2020.09.26 18:27 BroccoliThunder Starcraft / Warcraft / Diablo2 / DoW2 Soundpacks, like a whole new game!

►►►Update 26.09.2020: It's been 4 month already and i thought it's time to share my soundpacks again. These are all the soundpacks i tinkered together since the game's release on December 13, 2017. I pieced them together carefully with only the best and most fitting sounds and music tracks to make everything fit. It will make you feel right at home, if you've played those Blizzard goldies.
If you wanna prelisten to each of the new sounds & musics, download VLC Player, it can play the .dxsound files. There are also .txt files in the Ambient/Music folders as guide. Sound Modding is very straight forward, it's basically switching out sounds & music and the game thinks, they are the originals. You can interchange everything quite easily. Let's say we wanna change the Ambient/Caustic Lands theme, 1171552052.dxsound. Just rename it, copy in a replacement and give it the original file name.
If you are interested in cosmetic modding of the game and you've got any questions about sound/texture modding just fire away in the comments. I hope that one day the devs embrace the great moddability of the game and more people step up and contribute to the modding scene in addition to creating amazing custom campaigns, like 29 Years Later, with a whooping 24 maps in total!
As taste, here the Starcraft playlist with all the ambient map themes. About 3 hours of new custom mixed Starcraft music.
<◄< Starcraft Ambient Playlist >►> (Maps 1-6, Fortress1-3)
If you wanna try out one of my custom maps: Mines of the Northern Lands & Misthaven
Also check out DaneelTrevize's github he's the guy who made "Modded-Mayors" and recently TABSAT, which lets you edit your savefiles.
Maybe in the future i could add new starcraft themed voicefiles for Caelus(Jim Raynor), Calliope(?), Mutant(Infected Terran, uncdecided yet). Those are 266 new unitvoices to replace with fitting equivalents, this may take a while and since hero missions are not very popular i laid this on ice for now.
I aim to create a nostalgic feeling for TAB players, a familiar athmosphere and if you want to try something different after playing vanilla for many hours. All music and most sounds have been replaced appropriately with fitting equivalents. You will feel right at home if you know the games.
There are also some new campaign notifications and map intro sounds/musicpieces, which i havent done yet for the Starcraft soundpack the most complete one of them all. But don't fret, in Survival Mode every sound & music is still covered.
STARCRAFT Sound/Texture Pack (Updated 5.January 2020)
<◄< Ambient Playlist >►> (Maps 1-6, Fortress1-3)
I have compiled a ► VIDEO ◄ which shows everything off. It's segmented in raw game play leading up to the final wave (120d-Brutal), unitvoices/effects showcase and the custom map themes. Timestamps are in the video description.
More vids: DeadlyOptics Map4, DeadlyOptics Map4
It features:
  • -Almost everything to be Starcraft themed, Unitvoices, Sounds, Portraits, Effects, >3 hours custom tailored soundtrack, Notficiations (Colony is under attack), Fonts, SC1 Cursors, Icons etc.
  • Starcraft themed Fonts and Cursors
  • UnitVoices/fire sounds: Soldier>SC1Marine, Ranger>SC1Kerrigan, Lucifer>SC1Firebat, Sniper>SC1Ghost, Thanatos>SC2Maruder, Titan>SC2Thor
  • Ambient Music features: Map1 SC2 ambient music, Map2 SC1Terran themes, Map3 SC2Terran, Map4 SC1Protoss, Map5 SC1Zerg, Map6 SC2 ambient music
  • Other music replaced with some of the best SC1/SC2 music pieces.
  • Changed the projectiles of Ranger, Thanatos and Ballista (Proyectiles)
  • New Main Menu Appearance
  • Notifications sounds toned down and annoying ones(Jobs finished, Base i under sttack) replaced with more low profile equivalents. Unique wallattack notification.
There was a nice SC2 soundpack by 'Cygin' on Steam, but unfortunately it got removed. Since i kept the files i share them with you here, so they are not lost in the data abyss. I use it personally because there are simply more unique unit quotes, HIGHLY recommended if you get annoyed by the repeating SC1 quotes. Simply install on top of my SC pack.
Cygin's TAB SC2 Soundpack
All credit goes to Cygin for this pack! He covers:
Ranger(Nova), Soldier(SC2 Marine), Sniper (SC2 Ghost), Lucifer (SC2 Firebat)
WARCRAFT Sound/Texture Pack
Vids: DeadlyOptics Map2 , DeadlyOptics Map3 , DeadlyOptics Map4
It features:
  • Soldier>WC3Footman, Ranger>WC3Archer, Sniper>WC3Rifleman, Lucifer>WC3Ghoul, Thanatos>WC3PaladinHero, Titan>WC3GoblinZeppelin
  • All relevant Notifications/Effects/Interface sounds changed
  • Warcraft themed Fonts and Cursors
  • All music changed (waves, wave prep, etc), WC3 map music themes (Ambient), map1/Human, map2 Nightelf, map3 Orc and map4/Undead
  • Changed the projectiles of Ranger, Thanatos and Ballista (Proyectiles)
  • New Main Menu Appearance
  • Notifications sounds toned down and annoying ones(jobs done, town is under siege) replaced with more low profile equivalents. Unique wallattack notification.
DIABLO2 Soundpack (updated 6.January 2020)
Vids: DeadlyOptics Map1, DeadlyOptics Map1, DeadlyOptics Map2, DeadlyOptics Map3 , DeadlyOptics Map4
It features:
  • All Music replaced with Diablo2 equivalents (Map1->Act1/2, Map2->Act1, Map3->Act3, Map4->Act5, Map5->Act4, Map6->Act4/5)
  • D2 Deathscreams for Ranger(Mage), Soldier(Paladin), Lucifer(Smith) and Thanatos(Barbarian)
  • Diablo2 Font
  • New MajoSwarm Notification sounds
  • New soundeffects for the Giant (click on him)
  • Amazon bow fire sound for Ranger
  • New Main Menu Appearance
DoW2 soundpack WIP Preview
Vids: Map1 Soldier, Swarmdefense, Music: DoW2 - To Battle Brothers
This one isn't complete yet, but i plan on changing that in the future
It features:
  • Ranger>Sisters of Battle, Soldier>SpaceMarine, Lucifer>ChaosLord
  • New Fire soundeffects: DoW2 Spacemarine(automatic rifle, single bolter), bow and flamer sounds from my Starcraft pack)
>>Installation & Troubleshooting & Modding Crashcourse<<
Before modding always backup your vanilla files and get familiar with the filestructure of the game, this makes things much easier.
INSTALL: Extract with 7-Zip, copy&paste the files over to your gamefolder and replace. I always keep the game's filestructure intact, so placing the files should be as uncomplicated as possible.
UNINSTALL: Either use Steam's Verify integrity of gamefiles(recommended), or copy&paste back in your backup original files. Or how i do it, i keep my vanilla files in the gamefolder and rename the folder, so i can easily switch back and forth, basically what a mod manager would do.
-) All textures (Atlas_xx.dat like Geology or Vegetation) of the game can be opened and edited with your Photo Editing software, that can be GIMP, Photoshop etc. Personally i use GIMP + dds plugin, it's free and works like a charm. After editing export as .dds in the format "BC3 / DXT5" + "mipmaps" (Sprites: "BC4 / ATI1 (3Dc+)" ), then rename back to .dat. Terraintextures are regular .png i believe
-) .dxsound files (most likely .ogg files in disguise) can be played with VLC player and replaced with every soundfile (.wav, .mp3, .flac etc) you like, as long as the filename matches the original filename, so the game can recognize it (.ogg offers good quality and small size, so this is the go to format here). This makes soundmodding a very easy process.
-) If you should experience crashes, pls let me know. I believe since the devs fixed the drag select error there are no more freezes anymore and the packs are safe to use.
Have fun with the packs and if you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.
Big thanks to DeadlyOptics (now TacticalFriedRice) for the hours of top notch TAB entertainment and for playing with these packs for such a long time on stream!
Cheers and HAVE FUN!
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2020.09.26 18:06 friedavizel Report from the NYC Hasidic community, which has been open for months

I haven’t been active on this sub since it’s early days because, well, I’ve tried to cope. But it’s so encouraging to see how wonderfully the sub turned out. There's so much thoughtful conversation. Much credit to the (active!) mods.
I want to fill you in on the Hasidic Jewish community, which provides a fascinating case study of an outlier community in NYC. This is going to be long. TL;DR below.
So I was raised in the Satmar Hasidic community. It is a very insular, closed off world. We are descendants of holocaust survivors, and our stubborn grandparents were determined hell over high waters not to become Americanized. So I grew up in a bubble. I spoke the Yiddish language. We had no TV, no movies. My marriage was arranged. We didn’t know about birth control so I was pregnant at nineteen, and expected to have lots of kids. My mother birthed more than a dozen.
The Hasidic community has outposts in Brooklyn with like 100K people in Williamsburg, plus even more people in Boro Park. They have some similar outposts in New York’s suburbs. In other words, they are a big and fast-growing group.
I left the community with my son ten years ago. Because, imagine this: I really couldn’t live down the tremendous conformity, the stifled intellectual life, the preening and virtue signaling. I wanted freedom to just live! Well, ironic isn’t it? Because ten years since I left, my work and my hobbies, and my son’s schooling all stopped, while the Hasidic community is living life as usual.
The Hasidim tried to lock down for maybe four weeks. The push to shut down was ferocious in the beginning, when there were several deaths per night (this might well be in part because of neglect and aggressive venting, per my [conversation LINK] with the Hasidic funeral director.) According to my mother, the loudest most aggressive people were screaming at everyone to stay home. People celebrated an isolated Passover and held weddings in dining rooms or warehouses. Lots of people hunkered down in terror. The official community position was “we must listen to the government and experts”. To this day, the leadership tries to follow the health authorities. They are by no means lockdown skeptics.
But the lockdown was culturally impossible. This community doesn’t do computers in the house, no TV, no video games to get the kids to stop nagging mom. Hasidim are also a lot more communal so kids are usually in public spaces, like synagogues and schools. Parents are not used to holding the fort all on their own. They also aren’t anywhere near as obsessed with safetyism as the west, especially because martyrdom for a higher cause is a value. So people will say “our grandparents risked their lives from Nazis to observe sabbath, and we cower at home?” In other words, the cultural ingredients that made the lockdown happen for us in the secular side weren’t there for Hasidim. Zoom school and Netflix in pajamas: verboten.
Things began to open in April. At first, Hasidic families privately organized illegal schools for their kids. Then some of these classes moved to the school building, but many other families objected. Some even tattled to the media/city. Soon however, the holdouts caved and school went back to normal, even with bussing.
During the spring, the government kept sporadically intervening. Hasidic kids were chased out of schools and parks by cops. Shops and wedding venues got citations with heavy fines. Some of the interventions by the mayor or cops were covered in this sub. It was especially hypocritical because BLM protestors marched en masse Williamsburg, in the Hasidic area! And the mayor condoned one and condemned the other.
By early summer, the government seemed to look the other way. The community returned to normal. No masks, no nutty rules, no one ways, no pods, no spraying sanitizer into the air as you walk. I give walking tours in Williamsburg and we saw tens of school busses packed with kids, a packed Main Street, shops with people pushing elbow-to-elbow for designer bargains. Synagogues were as busy as any time. The people on my tour were stunned. We, and a few other “goyim”, were the only ones with masks.
Now if you are going to say “well, the Hasidic community probably naturally social distances, like Sweden” let me quickly dispel that. The community I give tours in is in New York City. Let me repeat; it’s in that populous city people always talk about. Not only that, but families are large - let’s estimate an average of eight people per household, including the parents. Folks are always mixing at the synagogue, at parties, at neighbor’s, friends and grandparents. I’d say most Hasidim traveled during the summer. If anything, they naturally socially spread it. The flu season always hits the community with a vengeance.
I had a close family wedding smack in the middle of the summer. Hordes of wedding guests of all ages came in pretty dresses and with sweet, full, open faces. The custom is to say “mazel tov”, shake hands and kiss the cheek. I sat next to my holocaust survivor grandmother who is up there in years. Hundreds of people came up to her to offer their congratulations: “mazel tov!”, shake hands, mua. She danced with little kids with great puffy dresses. I danced under-over and in the circle. I pressed into the sweaty palms of forgotten classmates who now have half a dozen kids or more. The music was loud enough to give you hearing loss, so we all bent into each other’s faces to scream our catching-up. It was lovely.
Everyone was fine. It’s many weeks later. Grandma is great.
Now, as the colder season arrives, there’s been an uptick of cases in the community. How bad are things? The charts from NYC gov don’t show any recognizable change for Brooklyn in either cases, hospitalizations or deaths. I’ve heard of people who had mild flu-like symptoms for a day or two, got tested and came back positive. It looks like barely anything is serious. If someone does get sick, generally an elderly person, the medical community is now pretty good at treating them. So why is the city threatening to lock down the Orthodox community?
Here’s the NYT on September 25:
“One city health official estimates that about a quarter of new Covid-19 cases in New York City appeared to be emanating from Orthodox Jewish communities, though the official acknowledged that at present the data was imperfect.”
Where is the proof? It is very hard to sift through cases and figure out which positives are from an Orthodox Jewish person. I know because it’s the kind of data I am always trying to sort out. And besides, Brooklyn has a huge Orthodox Jewish population (which is the larger umbrella under which Hasidim fall). What is the point of what this fool is even saying?
But here is the kicker in the NYT:
“Across one section of southern and central Brooklyn that include three neighborhoods - Midwood, Borough Park and Bensonhurst - about 4.7 percent of coronavirus tests were positive, which was far higher than in the rest of the city… Across the entirely of the city, between 1 percent and 2 percent of tests have been positive most days in the past two months.”
In other words, all they are not measuring how many people in a population are sick, but of the people who decided to stick a q-tip into their brains, how many came back as positive. For those of you who thought the solution to the casedemic was to avoid asymptomatic testing, here is a depressing outcome. If you test fewer asymptomatic people, the ratio of positives will go up. In NYC, we need a ratio of under 3% to stay open. So you need a lot of healthy people to get tested in order to create the right percent. So you test many many people, and the percent goes down. But of course, the actual number of positives simultaneously goes up. And creates a new avenue for doom. You can’t win.
The Hasidim probably tested less. Hasidic businesses and schools didn’t require testing. And this: an audio recording circulated earlier this year of a community leader, Gedalya Szegedin, saying that medical facilities should test less because high numbers of positives were inviting a lot of negative scrutiny. (There is also another factor: a lot of Orthodox Jews go upstate in the summer and use medical services there - I don’t know how this played in.) So who knows what variable caused their numbers to look bad. It’s all Talmudic hair splitting and is divorced from reality.
In May, June, July, August of Hasidim proved that you can take off the mask and go back to life. What did we learn from them then? Nothing. Now that there is a morsel of uptick, it’s proof that their lack of compliance is causing a shocking relative percentage of 4.7! Are you scared yet?
Imagine how hard this circus will be ratcheted up if we have a harsh winter. This from the brains who point to the Hasidic community and call them the anti-science foolish fanatical bumpkins.
I thought I left the dogma for open minded world where honest inquiry was valued. What a barrel of laughs.

TL;DR The Hasidic Jews in NY have been back to normal for months and they’ve been fine. The recent uptick is seasonal and it’s benign. If we learn anything from them, it’s that all blanket precautions are largely useless and that herd immunity is the natural strategy.
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2020.09.26 12:49 Avaale Everything I found out when researching into Extraction of Snail Secretion Filtrate & Cosrx's Cruelty-Free Claims

I do not consent to this post or any part of it being reposted on any social media (including but not limited to YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat). I do not want to see screenshots of my post on any influencer's Instagram handle/website/blog without my explicit written consent. DM / Modmail me if you would like to share this post or use content from this post on your social media with appropriate credit to the sub and me.

Some of you might have noticed me, lurking in the corners of this sub, shoving my HGs in your faces.
One of those HGs happens to be the Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. I've recently started on my third bottle and each bottle lasts me around a year (I don't use it everyday, it's part of soothing, calming arsenal). So I've been using this for atleast 2 years now.
Recently, I saw Insta stories that this was not cruelty-free. Now, I'm not strictly cruelty free ( I mean theoretically I am, but practically I TRY to be). When I first started using it, cosrx had clarified that it was indeed cruelty free, I also saw a couple of secretion extraction videos and was convinced.
But, I didn't look as deep as I could have. So I'm doing it now.
Warning: This post is content heavy.

Cosrx's Cruelty Free Status

Let's start with what cosrx says, Ethical bunny had contacted cosrx, in 2018 and received this reply.
Excerpt " First of all, we do not test on animals. Animal testing is illegal in Korea. Please note do not test on animals, even for animal-driven products. Also, we currently do not sell in Mainland China" also lists cosrx in their cruelty free list. Their requirements are as follows
  1. They do not test on animals during any part of production
  2. They do not order materials from any third party vendor who tests on animals
  3. They do not have third parties test their products on animals on their behalf
  4. They do not sell their products in countries that require animal testing by law (i.e. mainland China)
  5. They are not owned by a parent company who tests on animals.
However, two of the biggest cruelty free databases, beg to differ
In Logical harmony, cosrx is on their pending list of brands ie "These are brands that Logical Harmony has reached out to about their stance on animal testing and is waiting to receive a response or is waiting for the brand to finish completing the documents to be listed on Logical Harmony. Once a response is received, the brand will be moved to the Cruelty-Free Brand List, the Brands to Avoid list, or the Grey Area list depending on their response. If a brand is in the process of getting on the cruelty-free brand list, they will be left on the pending list until the process is complete."
And in Cruelty Free Kitty, cosrx is neither on List of officially cruelty free brands or list of non-cruelty free brands

So I'm going back to cosrx's statement
" First of all, we do not test on animals. Animal testing is illegal in Korea. Please note do not test on animals, even for animal-driven products.
While in 2017, South Korea banned animal testing where alternative testing methods are available, the practice continues since there are loopholes to exploit. [1], [2], as of 2019 atleast.
But just because companies in South Korea, still list on animals doesn't mean Cosrx does.
> Also, we currently do not sell in Mainland China"
Beauty and soul states ***"*there are some loopholes (there’s always loopholes)! Hong Kong and Macau, whilst still being governed by China, do not carry the same law which insists that all skincare products must be tested on animals. Therefore, by launching your products into the Hong Kong market and then using mail order / online channels for distribution further into mainland China, many Korean firms have found a loophole into the Chinese regulation without having to compromise their cruelty free status. At the time of writing (Jul 28, 2018), we have confirmation that the following brands use this tactic to avoid animal testing; Cosrx, Mizon, Whamisa, Thank You Farmer, iUnik, Heimish and Helloskin."
So they were technically stating the truth.
Cross-checking cosrx's statement does not convince me, either way.

The Supplier and Extraction Methods

Even if we take cosrx's statement at face value, all of this has only to with the testing part. What seems more important is the question of whether the snails are hurt in the process of extraction.
I found a few amazing articles on the issue,

Thank you u/sonjavad123, for sharing the last two. All great articles and I highly recommend you read them, for a overview on known information about snail secretion extraction.
In the case of Cosrx, according to the Klog article, linked above, the manufacturer is CoSeedBioPharm Co. After searching in all the wrong places (thanks english-korean language barrier), I finally landed at their site.
They have a lot of certifications, but nothing mentioning 'snail' or 'cruelty free'. But I also couldn't confirm whether Korea has it's own version of Cruelty Free certification, Doesn't look like they do, but I'm not a 100% sure.
I also found their product listings, but other INCI name and Product use, everything else is a korean image embed. Link if you'd like to try your luck. Also found this video (lol @ music). But the video showed me, that somewhere out there english data sheets existed, And I found it.
There are only 4 types of snail mucin listed in the data sheet, while their site has 8, with 1 repeat (maybe a sub variant). But we're going to have to make do. The data sheets contain efficacy studies and Two of snail ingredients mention clinical patch test results. So I'm starting to think they don't test on animals?? But the sheet doesn't mention any exact extraction procedures.
Also according to this video, Coseed supplies to
Go through the video to know exactly what products, use ingredients supplied by them.

I also found, their list of patents in Korea (they have 76 patents btw & 93 results in google patents), with the following relating to snail.
[Note: all of this is korean, and I'm using google translate. Unfortunately years of binge-watching k-dramas has not held me in good stead, so who the hell knows exactly what they meant by snail fire bag]
I looked up, the patents and after a few false starts found some of them in English!!!, adding those links above.
Also found a few more snail related patents held by coseed in English.

Below are excerpts from patents that I found most relevant to the cruelty-free debate.
Snail feed with red ginseng and Centella asiatica and breeding method, in particular goes into raising a snail from eggs to adult, with details on what to feed, at what frequency, for how long and feed changes at different stages, how many snails must be left in a single breeding tank, requirements of the breeding tank, also provides experimental examples of survival rates based on different types of feed and breeding methods.
" the survival rate of the snails fed with the feed containing red ginseng and cinnabar seedlings of Example 1 was 98.10% on average, which was higher than that of the snails of the Comparative Examples 1 to 3. In addition, the survival rates of the snail feed of Comparative Example 1 and the snail feed of Comparative Example 2 were 88.3% and 87.9%, respectively, which was higher than the survival rate of the conventional snail feed, Comparative Example 3, of 82.1%."
" the survival rate of the snail of Example 2, which was supplied with clean environment and fresh feed, was 98.2%, which was 20.5% higher than that of the conventional snail snail survival rate of 77.7% Respectively."
The point being even if they're not raising snails in an optimum environment out of the goodness of their hearts, they doing so to increase survival rates and thereby, more mucin = more profit.

Cosmetic Composition containing red ginseng fed snail mucus already linked above.
" Republic of Korea Patent Publication No. 10-1995-0002741 (1995. 02. 16) relates to a method for manufacturing cosmetics using mucin components extracted from a snail, snail was washed in clean water snail by immersing in hot water containing salt After removing the impurities contained in the snail, the liquid mucin component is collected from the snail, and the collected mucin component is heated to evaporate moisture, thereby extracting the pure mucin component and extracting the extracted mucin component from the basic raw material in the cosmetic manufacturing process. Cosmetics prepared by mixing in the mixing process "is described."
That sounds painful. But it was a method previously patented in 1995. Also it's only about how snail was cleaned, nothing about how EXACTLY mucin is collected.
This is a 2012 patent that mentions "For a period of time, the snails, which had eaten red ginseng, were washed in running water, and only similar sizes (6 ~ 8cm) were selected, sterilized thoroughly with 70% ethanol, and weighed to obtain accurate mucus.
The snail was put into a black net and collected for 6 hours, and then fed again. After giving a 12-hour recovery period, the slime was collected in the same manner as above, and the collected slime was stored refrigerated."
That doesn't sound quite as painful.
Stalking cosrx Instagram, I found this. Leaving aside, the fairy taleish telling, the story seems to match.
So I'm going with cosrx is as cruelty-free as can be without taking into consideration the ethics of growing snails in cages, that's whole other debate, that you need to make up your minds on, for yourself.

But, what about generally? Can we assume all Snail Secretion Filtrate is cruelty-free?

I tried to check, but Snail secretion gave 8988 results and snail extraction gave 28759 results in google patents. And man I'm so not going through all of them.
But I did go through a few that prima facie looked relevant.
From Method for manufacturing snail secretion filtrate and cosmetic including the snail secretion filtrate [2017]
" The step of washing the snails comprises washing the snails using 5% of brine, washing the snails with the mixture of 5% of brine and 1% of vinegar, (B) washing the snail, and (c) washing the snail washed in the step (b) using purified water. Wherein the step (b) includes immersing the snail in the mixture for at least 30 seconds and then repeating the salvage at least four times. The step of scraping the washed snail may cut the washed snail to a size of at least 0.1 mm*."*
This is a korean patent and I would give it the benefit of the doubt for some translation error, if it wasn't repeated once more and if the following claim wasn't there.
"Washing the snail with water; Slicing the washed snail; Extracting a snail extract using a snail; Filtering the extracted snail extract; And And concentrating the filtered snail extract to produce a concentrated snail extract."
I don't even know what to make out of this patent.

From **Method for increasing snail mucus production and extracting the same [2016], Taiwanese patent
" In view of this, the present invention provides a method for promoting mucus secretion of snails with a slight physical stimulation and short stimulation time; the method is to stimulate the secretion of mucus by living snails with a preset voltage*, and the snail after the* electrical stimulation is still a living snail. . In other words, the extraction of snail mucus using the method provided by the present invention does not cause snail death."

From For bio-pharmaceuticals or the snail mucus extraction element of cosmetics [2019] Chinese patent
"Due to slow in one's movements in snail crawling process, the amount of snail pituitary extract is less, is such as acquired using nature Method, be necessarily unable to get a large amount of snail pituitary extract.
The utility model provides a kind of for bio-pharmaceuticals or the snail mucus extraction element of cosmetics, belongs to field of biotechnology.It includes tubular extraction cylinder, one is equipped in the extraction cylinder, and the crawl frame creeped is tilted upward for snail, the crawl frame includes platform of creeping, and connect the plate of creeping for platform of creeping, the plate of creeping has several and along the circumferentially-spaced uniform setting of axial line for platform of creeping, the angle creeped between plate and horizontal plane is at an acute angle, and cylinder bottom is extracted in plate one end connection of creeping, and the other end connects the upper surface for platform of creeping.The utility model can be improved mucous secretion of the snail in crawling process, to improve the extraction efficiency of snail mucus."
So three more methods exist that are prima facie, two cruel and one that may not be.

Also found more ways of extraction on youtube, this Video uses ozone for extraction and this patent that may be somewhat related says it doesn't stress the snails. It infact says "The extraction steps comprises the use of natural substances that do not affect the health of the snail and that actually revitalize its physiological well-being."
This video by a manufacturer **claims to not harm snail either, but it looks cruel...
Obviously I've not gone through or figured out every single snail filtrate extraction method there is in the world but at this point having gone through the few that I have, I'd say cruelty free status depends on suppliers. And even if the supplier claims that the snails are not harmed, there is a grey area where we don't know if they are stressed.

Edit: u/NeverKeepCalm had linked this video in the comments, where the manufacturer claims to spray a secret spray that pleasures them to the point where they secrete a lot of slime, in a special machine he calls spa for snails.

Final thoughts


Completely irrelevant but cool facts. In the Coseed data sheet on the ingredient centella aka Gotu Kola

Just to be clear once again, cause this hasn't stopped, "I do not consent to this post or any part of it being reposted on any social media (including but not limited to YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat). I do not want to see screenshots of my post on any influencer's Instagram handle/website/blog without my explicit written consent. DM / Modmail me if you would like to share this post or use content from this post on your social media with appropriate credit to the sub and me**"***
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2020.09.26 12:31 SgtPepper052667 I feel like I’m at my wit’s end.

I’m not even unemployed, but I work a trade, so I have slow periods here and there. I can’t even imagine what unemployed people are going through right now. The past few days have been pretty slow. My mind has been tainted by the goings on of the world. I don’t know what to believe anymore, there’s so much conflicting information and opinions and the pot is at a boil right now. I know if I turn on some music or maybe play a video game, it may temporarily distract me, but lately I can’t shake this overwhelming groveling for the human species.
Say what you want about the pandemic, but I don’t care where you stand on it. Violence between people has the highest body count, and between the pandemic, a lack of sympathy, or some glimmer of a pursuit of understanding for other people’s lived experiences, and our willingness to be manipulated by an oligarchy and hand in our rights for a false sense of safety really gives me little hope.
(I’m not even referring to wearing masks by the way. In my opinion, it seems logical that a physical barrier able to trap bodily fluids that host a disease is effective for reducing transmission of the disease. That being said, there are many other variables to consider in this situation, and ultimately, people should know what’s best for themselves and where they would voluntarily choose to go and whom to associate with and what businesses to patronize and which to not based on what kind of user experience they are looking for.)
I think on the whole, Americans from both the Big Two Camps are, by and large, okay with just going along with whatever is fed to them. I think large media networks like CNN, Washington Post, Fox, as well as corporate data harvesters and eyeball soul suckers like Google and Facebook and their various influential brands like YouTube and Instagram, are at partial fault, but the rest of it lies in the people. I mean, a lot of us tailor what we see and hear to our own design based on our biases, and it’s made so easy to. Not to mention the premium slots for attention that are long paid for and ensured to make their slimy way into your ears and eyeballs.
My father, whom was born in 1972, attests to the wonders of the freedom of information on the internet and how “We just need more information.” And it’s like dude, you obviously have never played Metal Gear Solid 2. I don’t need to fill my head with CNN or Fox YouTube clips to realize that Donald Trump or Joe Biden are shady characters. I would say the same thing about the whole lot of them on both sides. Maybe there’s genuine players in the game that truly want to enact change for the greatest number of Americans, but I’m convinced that most of the apples are rotten already and the rest will just have to fall in line. Some of them will get caught, some of them will take a fall when the distraction is convenient.
Too many Americans have become too dependent on the state and too dependent on technology, in its many many forms, and too dependent on comfort and it really shows. We need to take a collective step back and think about the stupid shit we’re fighting each other about. Are you really pro-life if you put the welfare of a non-actualized being over that of the many children who already exist who are in need of homes? Are you really pro-choice if you seek to take away the state of the art mechanisms for defense against evil away from the millions of decent, law abiding, normal people, and thereby enable the government’s ability to limit everyone’s choices as they see fit with less and less accountability? Have you ever read any history books? Do you not realize the human capacity for evil? Ants are more organized than we are.
Human beings are very arrogant to assume that we are included in the future. I’m getting more comfortable with the idea of trading in the small fleeting moments of pleasure for a permanent extinction of the species so we can finally stop abusing and misunderstanding and trying to one up each other for trivial bullshit reasons. Competition will always exist I suppose, but Americans are special breed. Fuck.
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2020.09.26 01:50 malornwsx FusionFall Academy Features (@OpenFusion) 2

FusionFall Academy Features (@OpenFusion) 2
\ - originally posted via* /fusionfall sub-channel via /reddit site. Because the posts were redacted meaning the general public is unable to view I could access the content & forward here to our new sub-channel /fusionfall2
OpenFusion is a subsidiary project created by u/openpunk basically an opensource re-implementation of the FusionFall game server coded in C++. OpenFusion is a landwalker server for FusionFall. It currently supports versions beta-20100104 and beta-20100728 of the original game. Further documentation pending.
Posting select features used in previous versions (builds) FusionFall released awhile ago. The features include game concepts, exclusive sets released/unreleased used in new versions of the game including FusionFall Retro. Also users posting bonus footage of a new upcoming game project (anime style) similar to FF (check the end). Thanks for posting exclusive FusionFall media via discord everyone O.O
{will repost old content for users to review}
Be sure to read the other posts via FusionFall2 (especially media content) for useful game data/intel use the new flair tags to easily check content. Review the OpenPunk/OpenFusion threads 'Server Data & Update' posts including X Dev Blogs to access & download FusionFall game assets old/new content [via external links]. Vice versa the assets I've uploaded to Google Drive & the sub-folders in FFU CLIENT.
**Sets featured include Ben10 & Generator Rex sets properties of Cartoon Network ;)
Community Drop Guide - + Universal Guide -
FFR Drop Table -
Copy of Item IDS -
Last Build Item IDS -
FusionFall Item IDS (@OpenFusion) -
FusionFall Patch Notes Archive -
FusionFall Legacy NPCS -



OpenFusion (Academy) -
-- (extra links below via download)
{download Academy items & access links (media content) individually}


  • *ADDED extra useful tools & asset files (FusionFall/OpenFusion) available via DOWNLOAD
  • *ADDED links to access OpenFusion content game assets [download] via GOOGLE DRIVE
ACADEMY - via Mac#9480 [discord] via FusionFall Brasil via Nero
OPENFUSION - x via Danny O via FusionFall Universe HQ
Of course without my assistance various FusionFall teams wouldn't have been able to extract the game assets (generic files) & audio for select characters for their projects glad I could assist. ;)


-- ARCHIVE for the GAME & ADDED the LINKS for easy access - + + {FFU Client} + + + + + [via GOOGLE DRIVE]. INCLUDES - #fusionfall data/info files + #fusionfallretro early access + #fusionfalluniverse + #fusionfall:project-revive + other DISCLOSED FUSIONFALL FILES ONLINE [CN]
@Bambeptin @Dogon_McBanana @DrawsKem @Funske32 @Kevman95 @KuroArtist @KyraXyreSpace @Lunar_Seastar @MattWavesx @MeModelZenpock @panman_music @przzyfied @RealWilttilt @TechTheNoob @virtanderson @WileyTheKoyote @womayhem #fusionfall #fusionfalllegacy #fusionfalluniverse via TWITTER


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2020.09.26 01:15 pigdog12 Jersey City Voting Info

Info culled from the state website and ballotpedia
The November 3rd General Election will primarily be held through vote-by-mail.
All active registered New Jersey voters will automatically receive a prepaid return-postage vote-by-mail ballot from their County Clerks. All ballots will be mailed by Monday, October 5th.

Voters can choose to:

Mail-in Ballots
All ballots returned through the US Postal Service must carry a postmark by November 3rd, and be received by the County Clerk no later than 8 p.m. Tuesday, November 10th.
Ballots which lack postmarks due to postal error received by 8 p.m. Thursday, November 5th will also be considered valid.
To track your mail-in ballot, visit the New Jersey Voter Registration System online and create an account if you don't already have one. You can also call your County Election Officials to track your mail-in ballot.

Secure Ballot Dropboxes
County boards of election will also establish ballot drop boxes in each county at least 45 days before election. Boxes are open 24 hours a day, monitored by security cameras, and collected daily by county election officials.
Ward A – Earl Morgan Library (1841 JFK)
Ward B – St Peter’s University (Corner of Montgomery and JFK)
Ward C – Hudson County Plaza (257 Cornelison Ave; Corner of Cornelison and Academy)
Ward D – North District Police HQ (282 Central Ave)
Ward E – City Hall (280 Grove)
Ward F – City Hall Annex (1 Jackson Square)

Voting In-Person
Any voter who chooses to cast their vote in-person will do so on a provisional ballot.
Individuals with disabilities will have access to an ADA-conforming voting machine. Each municipality will be required to open at least one in-person polling site, and all counties must ensure that at least 50 percent of their total polling places are open.
Find your polling location here.
On Election Day itself, all public schools will close to in-person instruction to facilitate use of the building as an in-person polling place.
For more information, visit the New Jersey Division of Elections
Note: All upcoming scheduled elections – including special elections which result from a vacancy – have been postponed to the November 3rd General Election.

Voter Registration
The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, October 13th.
New Jerseyans may now register to vote online through the Division of Elections' new online registration form.
The online form is safe and secure, and you can access it anywhere – whether from a library computer or your smartphone.
All you need to securely register to vote is your driver's license number, non-driver identification number, or your Social Security number.

Public Questions
Should the Municipal Council of the City of Jersey City impose a Municipal Art and Culture Tax Levy, pursuant to Title 40 of the Revised State Statues, to be funded at a rate not to exceed $0.02 per $100 of assessed valuation of each annual tax levy, commencing with the 1st tax quarter of the next budget year following the year in which the levy is approved by the voters and which funds shall be deposited into an “Arts and Culture Trust Fund” to be created by the City?
The purpose of this non-binding referendum vote is to ascertain the voters’ opinion concerning whether the City of Jersey City should establish its own Municipal Arts and Culture Trust Fund to support local funding for the arts. The annual yearly rate would be $0.02 per $100 of assessed valuation, meaning that a property assessed at $100,000 would pay no more than $20 per year to the Arts and Culture Trust Fund to support creative and cultural activities, including but not limited to, performing, visual, and fine arts, music, dance, graphic design, film, digital media and video, architecture and urban design, humanities, literature, arts and culture education, historic preservation, museum curation, crafts and folk arts.

Do you approve amending the Constitution to legalize a controlled form of marijuana called “cannabis”?
Only adults at least 21 years of age could use cannabis. The State commission created to oversee the State’s medical cannabis program would also oversee the new, personal use cannabis market.
Cannabis products would be subject to the State sales tax. If authorized by the Legislature, a municipality may pass a local ordinance to charge a local tax on cannabis products.
This amendment would legalize a controlled form of marijuana called “cannabis.” Only persons at least 21 years of age could use cannabis products legally.
The Cannabis Regulatory Commission would oversee the new adult cannabis market. This commission was created in 2019 to oversee the State’s medical cannabis program. The scope of the commission’s new authority would be detailed in laws enacted by the Legislature.
All retail sales of cannabis products in the new adult cannabis market would be subject to the State’s sales tax. If authorized by the Legislature, a municipality may pass a local ordinance to charge a local tax on cannabis products.

Do you approve amending the Constitution to give a $250 property tax deduction to veterans who did not serve in time of war? Do you also approve amending the Constitution to give a 100 percent property tax exemption to certain totally disabled veterans who did not serve in time of war?
The widow or widower of these veterans also would receive this $250 deduction or 100 percent exemption after the veteran’s death.
This amendment would give a $250 property tax deduction to veterans who did not serve in time of war. The widow or widower of a veteran who did not serve in time of war would receive this deduction after the veteran’s death.
The amendment also extends the 100 percent property tax exemption for disabled veterans to veterans who became disabled during peacetime military service. Persons who became disabled during peacetime military service and reside in a continuing care retirement community would not receive the 100 percent exemption for disabled veterans.
Currently, these property tax deductions and exemptions are only given to veterans who served during time of war. The amendment would give the deductions and exemptions to veterans who did not serve in wartime.

Do you approve amending the Constitution to change when new legislative districts are created if the federal census data is delayed?
The current COVID-19 pandemic has delayed census data collection. If New Jersey does not receive the census data in a timely manner, new legislative districts may not be ready in time for State legislative elections in the year ending in one.
This change to the redistricting schedule will allow legislators to be elected that year from their existing districts for their two-year term in office. The new districts will be used starting with the next scheduled general election for the State legislature.[6]
This constitutional amendment changes when new legislative districts are created if the federal census data is delayed.
The United States Constitution requires that a census be taken every ten years to count the people living in the country. Census data is then used to create new legislative districts to ensure residents have equal representation from elected officials. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic has delayed census data collection. This may delay census data to the states and may affect the creation of new legislative districts.
The State Constitution requires an Apportionment Commission to create new legislative districts every ten years after the federal census is completed. If the census data is delayed, the new legislative districts may not be created in a timely manner to hold elections.
This constitutional amendment requires the commission to delay creating the new districts if the Governor receives the federal census data after February 15 of the year ending in one. The commission will adopt the new districts after the November general election, but not later than March 1 of the year ending in two.
The new districts will be used starting with legislative elections in the year ending in three. They will continue to be used until new districts are again created by the Apportionment Commission after the next federal census.
For the June primary and November general elections in the year ending in one, Senators and Assembly members will use their existing districts to run for a term of two years. The old districts will also be in effect in the year ending in two if any legislative election is held in that year.
This amendment requires the commission to begin conducting its business when the Governor receives the census data. It also requires the eleventh member of the commission to be appointed by the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court within one month after the Governor receives the census data.
Nothing in this amendment will alter the appointment of the members of the commission made by the State political party chairs pursuant to Article IV, Section III, paragraph 1 of the State Constitution on or before November 15, and certified by the Secretary of State on or before December 1, of the year in which the census is taken.
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-18- ✔️ 3 Axis GRBL USB Driver Offline Controller Control Module LCD Screen w/ Controller Board SD Card for CNC 1610 2418 3018 Wood Router Laser Engraving Machine
💰 Price: $38.88
💵 Coupon: BGAxis39
-19- ✔️ URUAV 22.2V 5000mAh 80C 6S Lipo Battery XT60 Plug for RC Drone
💰 Price: $50.99
💵 Coupon: BGURUAV6S
-20- ✔️ Original Xiaomi Infrared Remote Control TV Remote Control Smart Remote Controller for Xiaomi Mi TV Xiaomi Box
💰 Price: $8.59
💵 Coupon: BGXMRBPA
-21- ✔️ 15Pcs Low Shank Sewing Machine Feet Presser Walking Foot Set Kit Tools
💰 Price: $14.99
💵 Coupon: BGUSA425
-22- ✔️ 220V 2L Electric Meat Grinder Food Blender Chopper Household Processor Machine
💰 Price: $19.99
💵 Coupon: BGCZFRSE566
-23- ✔️ SINOHOBBY DIYQ1 1/28 2.4G AWD RC Car Kit Full Proportional with Motor Servo Transmitter
💰 Price: $30.24
💵 Coupon: BGRCDIYQ1
-24- ✔️ ALLDOCUBE i7Book 14.1 inch Intel i7-6660U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 51.3Wh Battery Full-Featured Type-C 90% Narrow Bezel Notebook
💰 Price: $459.99
💵 Coupon: BGABI7K66
-25- ✔️ Taft Hobby Cobra TD-02 1300mm Wingspan EPO Ducted 90mm EDF Aerobatic RC Airplane Fixed-wing Jet KIT
💰 Price: $175.90
💵 Coupon: BGSGAT
-26- ✔️ URUAV V3.0 V3.0 PLUS Metal Adapter Mounting Case for DJI Fatshark FPV Goggles
💰 Price: $11.19
💵 Coupon: BGDGERE
-27- ✔️ EIVOTOR HX103-2 LCD Electronic Timer Digital Timers Kitchen Timer Reminder
💰 Price: $4.99
💵 Coupon: BGTB22JP
-28- ✔️ 80 Colors Dual Tips Permanent Marker Pens Highlighter Pen with Carrying Case for Drawing Sketching Adult Coloring Highlighting and Underlining
💰 Price: $24.99
💵 Coupon: BGDT275
-29- ✔️ 6 Inch 8 Notes G Tune Steel Tongue Drum Handpan Instrument with Drum Mallets and Bag
💰 Price: $35.00
💵 Coupon: BGSUJJNA
-30- ✔️ NUX MOD Core Guitar Effects Pedal 8 Modulation Effects Chorus Flanger Phaser Rotary Pan U-vibe and Vibrato true bypass Tone Lock
💰 Price: $38.00
💵 Coupon: BGHUSNA
-31- ✔️ [New Version] Automatic Stirring Magic Mug Hot Water Semiconductor Power Generation Belly Magnetic Coffee Mixing Cup Drinkware Ceramic Cup
💰 Price: $19.99
💵 Coupon: BGAS039
-32- ✔️ AIMOS USB HDMI Switch Box Video Switch Display 4K Splitter KVM Switch for 2 PCs Share Switcher Keyboard Mouse Printer Plug and Play
💰 Price: $15.99
-33- ✔️ Lumenier Micro AXII Bare Wire 5.8GHz 1.6dBi FPV Antenna LHCP for RC Drone Tiny Whoop
💰 Price: $11.86
💵 Coupon: BGSFDGF
-34- ✔️ Unisex Anti-blue Light Distance and Near Dual Purpose Multi-focus Zoom Reading Glasses Presbyopic Glasses
💰 Price: $9.99
💵 Coupon: BGYJ99
-35- ✔️ 220V 2800W Electric Meat Grinder Stainless Steel Duty Sausage Stuffer Food Processor Grinding Mincing Stirring Mixing Machine
💰 Price: $59.99
💵 Coupon: BGDSEMG
-36- ✔️ Powerful Cooling Portable Ac NexFan RPG Light Cooler Cooling Humidification Purify Room Aaromatherapy 4 In 1, USB Charging Easy To Clean Built-in Filter Noise Reduction Portable Cooler
💰 Price: $28.99
💵 Coupon: BGPA104
-37- ✔️ Portable Foldable Laptop Desk Folding Table with Phone Slot Cup Holder Lazy Bed Study Desk
💰 Price: $35.99
-38- ✔️ Loskii k7 Double Spout Humidifier USB 3.3L Large Capacity Desktop Household Mute Aroma Diffuser
💰 Price: $16.99
💵 Coupon: BGLSHUM
-39- ✔️ [Global Version] IMILAB EC3 3MP Outdoor Smart IP Camera Mijia APP Remote Control Two-way Audio Night Vision Wifi Home Monitor CCTV Work with Mijia- EU Plug
💰 Price: $63.99
💵 Coupon: BGFRSE162
-40- ✔️ Baby Playpen Folding Indoor Outdoor Toddler Kid Safety Barrier Game Toddler Craw Safety Fence
💰 Price: $39.99
💵 Coupon: BGCZFR334
-41- ✔️ QIMEI M1015 24 Holes Chromatic Harmonica C Key for Adults
💰 Price: $10.99
💵 Coupon: BGDFGAS
-42- ✔️ Cega 17 Key Full Solid Veneer Mahogany Kalimbas Thumb Piano Finger Percussion with Tuning Hammer
💰 Price: $19.99
💵 Coupon: BGYJSNAS
-43- ✔️ Portable Handheld Automatic Electric Shoe Cleaning Brush Shine Polisher 2 Ways Power Supply EU Plug
💰 Price: $22.99
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-44- ✔️ USB Electric Hair Clipper Oil Head Carving Electric Clipper Rechargeable Shaving Hair Clipper
💰 Price: $19.99
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-45- ✔️ 5Pcs URUAV PADSTAR 100x50mm Super Sticky Silicone Gel Double-sided Adhesive Sticker Transparent Battery Mat Non-slip Pad Support Washing for Lipo Battery
💰 Price: $7.99
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-46- ✔️ H3-001 ICEPOWER ICE125AS x 2 Power Amplifier Board ICE125ASX2 Digital Stereo HIFI Power Fever Stage Amplifier Board
💰 Price: $109.99
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-47- ✔️ 4x3m Waterproof Sun Shade Sail UV Proof Block Outdoor Canopy Patio Garden Yard Pool Cover
💰 Price: $32.99
💵 Coupon: BGCZFRSE502
-48- ✔️ ENOZE 9303E with Two Batteries 1/18 2.4G 4WD 40km/h RC Car Electric Off-Road Vehicles RTR Model
💰 Price: $59.49
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-49- ✔️ 2600W Household Cordless Garment Steam Iron 5-level Variable Temperature Control Light
💰 Price: $37.99
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-50- ✔️ 70cm/90cm 304 Stainless Steel Sink Dish Drain Rack 1/2 Tiers Kitchen Desktop Sink Storage Shelf Kitchen Organizer Dish Rack
💰 Price: $45.99
-51- ✔️ URUAV GRAPHENE 4S 14.8V 5000mAh 100C XT60 Plug Lipo Battery for FPV RC Racing Drone
💰 Price: $40.99
-52- ✔️ Feilun FX066 4CH Flywheel Single Propeller Remote Control Avatar Helicopter RTF
💰 Price: $104.54
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-53- ✔️ Protable Negative Film Barcode Scanner 35mm 135mm Slide Film Converter Photo Digital Image Viewer with 2.4" LCD Build-in Editing Softwar
💰 Price: $59.99
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-54- ✔️ 90W Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber Indoor Dehumidifier LCD Display Low Noise Remote Control Timing External Water Pipe
💰 Price: $75.99
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-55- ✔️ 12V Mini Car Air Compressor Tire Portable Inflator Electric Intelligent Car Tyre Pump with Lighting Function
💰 Price: $27.99
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-56- ✔️ 800ML Portable Mini Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber Air Dry Water Tank For Home Air Dehumidifier
💰 Price: $45.99
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-57- ✔️ Hystou Mini PC P05B-i7-8565u Barebone Intel HD graphics 620 Quad Core 1.8GHz Windows 7/8/10 Linux HDMI WiFi Fanless PC
💰 Price: $239.99
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-58- ✔️ 12'' Steel Tongue Drum Handpan 13 Notes Hand Tankdrum with Bag and Drumstick Gift
💰 Price: $85.00
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-59- ✔️ Child Safety Seat Steel ISOFIX Latch Connector Car Seat Belt Buckle Bracket
💰 Price: $38.99
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-60- ✔️ Portable Electric PTC Heating Element 20W Shoe Dryer Deodorizate Sterilization Dehumidificate
💰 Price: $9.99
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-61- ✔️ Wooden Laptop Desk Portable Folding Desk 2 Working Separated Areas Sofa Bed Notebook Stand Study Table
💰 Price: $17.99
-62- ✔️ Vaydeer SZ2S01 Laptop Vertical Stand Computer Bracket Adjustable Width Desktop Storage Shelf Base for Macbook Pro
💰 Price: $10.99
-63- ✔️ UDIRC D28 4.5CH RC Helicopter RTF Anti-collision for Children Outdoor Toys
💰 Price: $26.34
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-64- ✔️ 8" 600W Car Under Seat Slim Amplifier Subwoofer Enclosure Bass HiFi Slim Speaker
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-65- ✔️ JJRC K2 DIY Smart RC Robot Car Metal Lift Car Educational Kit
💰 Price: $51.84
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-66- ✔️ Coffee Table Desk Bedroom Balcony Side Table European Small Round table 36 * 46 * 23.5cm Rack Storage Organizer For Home Office
💰 Price: $17.99
-67- ✔️ IPRee® 610/750/1000ml Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup Thermo Insulated Cup Water Bottle
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-68- ✔️ Muti-Size Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bowl Meditation Bowl for Meditation Yoga
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-69- ✔️ URUAV GRAPHENE 4S 14.8V 6000mAh 95C Lipo Battery XT60 Plug for RC Racing Drone
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-70- ✔️ URUAV GRAPHENE 6S 22.2V 6000mAh 100C Lipo Battery XT90 Plug for RC Racing Drone
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-71- ✔️ G10BTS Air Mouse IR Learning Gyroscope Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Infrared Remote Control for Android Tv Box/ProjectoMini PC/TV
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-72- ✔️ M6x40mm Star Shaped Head Knob Screw Clamping Plum Plastic 25mm Head Diameter
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-73- ✔️ 550W Mini high-Precision DIY Shop Benchtop Metal Lathe Woodworking Lathe Milling Machine Variable Speed 3 Jaw
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-74- ✔️ URUAV GRAPHENE 3S 11.1V 6000mAh 100C XT60 Plug Lipo Battery for RC Racing Drone
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-75- ✔️ Mijia 3PCS Pet Special Filter Water Filter White Small Pet Water Dispense Filter Element From Xiaomi Youpin
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-76- ✔️ Monitor TV Top Shelf Home Office Stuff Shelf with No Drilling Suitable for Placing a Variety of Sundries
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-77- ✔️ URUAV GRAPHENE 6S 22.2V 4000mAh 95C Lipo Battery XT90 Plug for RC Drone
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-78- ✔️ T-Bao TBOOK MN22 Mini PC AMD Ryzen 3 2200U 8GB DDR4 256GB M.2 NVME SSD Desktop PC Dual Core Radeon Vega 3 Graphics 2.5GHz to 3.4GHz DP HD 4K Dual WiFi
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-80- ✔️ 750ML Bike Water Bottle Tritan Material Fruit Cup With Tea Filter
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-82- ✔️ GDW BLS995 HV Brushless Digital Servo Helicopter Tail Lock Servo for X7/KDS7.2/SAB700
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-83- ✔️ Men Genuine Leather Earphone Hole Retro Solid First Layer Leather Shoulder Bag Chest Bag
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-84- ✔️ Datamax M3 2 in 1 Wireless Mouse Scanner 1D 2D Barcode Scanner QR Code Scanner Ergonomic Mouse Scanning Machine for Supermakets Shops Payment - Black
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-87- ✔️ URUAV GRAPHENE 6S 22.2V 1300mAh 100C Lipo Battery XT60 Plug for RC Racing Drone
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-96- ✔️ ORICO Chroma Portable SSD USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C M.2 NGFF SATA Solid State Drive 1TB 500GB 250GB for Laptop Video Editing Camera
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-106- ✔️ 5L Electric ULV Fogger Portable Ultra-Low Volume Atomizer Sprayer 2 Modes Adjustable Fine Mist Blower Pesticide Nebulizer
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💰 Price: $49.99
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2020.09.25 21:32 codeyoc [GUIDE] Getting the most out of your PS3 XMB with PS1 Games

[GUIDE] Getting the most out of your PS3 XMB with PS1 Games
Here are some things you're going to need to download!:
  1. PSX2PSPv 1.4 - This tool will convert our .ISO or .BIN to an EBOOT.PBP, which we will need to use later on. Download also includes '_Fix_EBOOT.PBP_.exe' which is an essential tool for this process. (
  2. imgburn - This tool will convert our physical media to a file we can use on PC. (
  3. TrueAncestor PKG Repacker - This tool will pack our files in to a .PKG we can then transfer to & install on our PS3. (
  4. PS3 Resigner Master Tool - Necessary for HEN/HAN users. Not necessary for CFW users, but using this tool does make the process easier. Success rate when not signing is touch and go. Recommend resigning everything. The password for the archive is: Smart Game Tech. (
  5. WinRAR - Needed for extracting .RAR archives. (
  6. PS3 4K Pro.pkg - Optional, but recommended. (
  7. RetroXMBCreator - Optional, but recommended. (
  8. PS3 Icon Templates - Optional, but recommended. Useful templates that can be used in conjunction with to create icons, descriptions & backgrounds for our .PKG. (
  9. - Optional, but recommended. Useful tool for manipulating and creating layered & transparent .PNG images, required for .PKG production. (
  10. CDMage - Optional, but recommended. Tool to unpack contents of a .BIN / .ISO file. (
Let's Begin.
Lately I have been testing out different ways to clean up the PS3 XMB and have everything looking clean, concise and where it should be. PS3 4K Pro does an amazing job of this, organising our XMB into specific categories, and it is even more helpful if we have webMAN installed. A genuine must have for any CFW PS3 user. STEP 1: DOWNLOAD & INSTALL 'PS3 4K PRO' TO YOUR PS3 CONSOLE: After installation, your XMB should now look something like this:
Whilst cleaning up my XMB, I noticed that the .ISO files (of games that you legally own & have ripped to your system) will show up in a different place, than if you were to buy a PSX Classic from the PSN store and install the downloaded .PKG. This is just a reflection of how the PS3 system handles different types of files, and not at all a fault of PS3 4K Pro. Nonetheless, it is something that ideally we would attend to for consistency. With a bit of effort, we can avoid potentially having half our games in one location of the XMB, and the other half of our games in another location. We do this by creating our own .PKG's instead of simply dumping the PSX Disc's .ISO/.BIN file to the console. I generally prefer to convert all my physical PSX games to PKG format for my PS3. Aesthetics being the main reason why, and you will see why shortly.
Now that PS3 4K Pro is installed & our XMB is looking nice, it's time to begin preparing our .PKG.
STEP 2: DOWNLOAD & INSTALL 'imgburn' TO YOUR PC: For the sake of this guide, I will be using my copy of Crash Bandicoot [PAL] for PS1. Insert your PSX Disc into your PC. When your PC reads the disc, the disc's VOLUME_NAME will be the PSX Game's GAMEID. Take note of this GAMEID, and create a folder on your desktop named (GAMETITLE_GAMEID).eg. CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344.
Finalised CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344 folder.
Open 'imgburn' and select 'Create image file from disc. In the 'Destination' field, navigate to the directory of the newly created GAMETITLE_GAMEID folder on your desktop. imgburn will automatically name the created .BIN & .CUE files to 'GAMEID'.BIN & 'GAMEID'.CUE.
Sweet! we've converted our physical PSX disc to a .bin and a .cue!
STEP 3: unRAR the 'psx_classics_new_2' file we downloaded and place the resulting folder in a memorable place, such as My Documents: Open 'PSX2PSP' (found in the 'PSX2PSP 1.4' folder). Open 'Convert Menu'. Click the 3 Dots near 'ISO/PBP File' and navigate to the .BIN we created earlier with imgburn. In 'Output PBP Folder' navigate to the working folder we have been using on the desktop (in my case, CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344. Click 'Convert. Inside the 'Working Folder' we have been using, PSX2PSP will create a folder named GAME_TITLE, with an EBOOT.PBP inside it. This file is essentially the 'foundation' of our .PKG conversion.
STEP 4: Copy the EBOOT.PBP file we generated with PSX2PSP and place the EBOOT.PBP file in the root of the 'psx_classics_new_2' folder. STEP 5: Drag the generated EBOOT.PBP file onto '_Fix_EBOOT.PBP_.exe': This .EXE will unpack the EBOOT.PBP and place the required files into the .PKG folder (by default, it is found in the same folder as '_Fix_EBOOT.PBP_.exe'). During the process, you will notice an ISO.BIN.DAT and a ISO.BIN.EDAT file appear. Wait until both of these files disappear as well as the original EBOOT.PBP. It might look like the process has frozen (especially if you are packaging a big game!), but be patient, it's just taking a little time to process the files! Once all three files have disappeared, COPY. COPY. COPYYYY the PKG folder in 'psx_classics_new_2' to the original working folder on the desktop we have been using throughout this tutorial. (in my case, CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344. Rename this folder to the GAMEID we took notice of, and inserted into our folder name before. In my case, I renamed my folder to 'SCES00344'.
OPTIONAL STEPS: CUSTOMISING THE XMB FEATURES OF THE PKG: All PSX Classics PKG's follow the same folder structure. USRDIR, ICON0.PNG, PARAM.SFO, PIC1.PNG, & PS3LOGO.DAT. Optional additional files are PIC0.PNG (For PS3), PIC2.PNG (For PSP) and SND0.AT3.
ICON0.png is the icon of the PKG that shows up on your XMB when it is installed.PIC0.png is the description of the game.PIC1.png is the XMB background that will show when our installed .PKG is hovered on.SND0.AT3 is the background music that will play when our .PKG is hovered on.
First, let's make an icon (ICON0.PNG). Extract the contents of the PS3 Icon and place them in the 'psx_classics_new_2' folder. In this archive are the templates which we will use. Open [PS1] ICON0.png in Next, we must paste in a PSX Cover. Here is one helpful site I found, with a nice collection of PSX covers. Download a cover for your game and open it in, alongside the ICON0.PNG template. Highlight the image, minus the PlayStation vertical banner. Use 'CTRL+C' to copy the contents of the canvas. Navigate to ICON0.PNG in and press 'CTRL+V' to paste the PSX Cover we copied earlier. If it says 'The image being pasted is larger than the canvas size' just select 'keep canvas size'. Manipulate the image so that it fits into the empty box of ICON0.PNG. When you are happy with your icon, select 'Save As'. Once again navigate to the working folder on the desktop, and name the newly created image ICON0.png. Just select 'OK' if any dialogue shows up. REMEMBER: THE FILE MUST BE SAVED AS A .PNG!!
Finished ICON0.PNG
Cool! We have our own 'custom' icon. Want to make a Background?: Typically, the background (PIC1.PNG) for any PS1 Classic bought off the PSN Store looks like this:
Default PIC1.PNG.
If you'd like to use the standard Background, just copy the [PS1] PIC1.PNG template to your working folder and rename it to PIC1.PNG. Easy done!! However, If you'd like to customise the background a bit more, we can either source an image off the internet, or delve into the PSX disc a bit further to find some image files. The success of this differs from game to game, and sometimes it really is just easier to find an image on Google.I'll offer a few tools you can use to delve a bit further into the PSX disc, if you would like to. This gets a bit messy, and sometimes might be more trouble than it's worth. It borders on reverse engineering, and is NOT necessary for creating the .PKG. However if this peaks your interest, like it did mine, then read on. Without being an expert in PSX games, I have found that within the .BIN file there are files such as .HED, .WAD, .TIM, .BOB, .SPR, .XA, .NSF files... the list goes on. What on earth are these files?? It seemed to me that some files are solely dependent on the developer that produces them. Some tools to unpack these files are made on a per game basis, i.e CrashEdit for .NSF files. This evidence led me to the conclusion that although finding original files in the original PSX disc may be rewarding, it really depends on1.) Which game it is and 2.) How much time you are willing to sacrifice extracting & investigating files. Some files found in PSX .BIN / .ISO files: WAD - Container, needs a corresponding .HED to be opened. TIM - Screen Image Data.XA - Music Playlist File. STR - Stream (Movie) File. Usually the cinematics we see in the games. Sometimes handy for making SND0.AT3. BOB - Bob Ray Tracer software. Stores a bitmap image. NSF - Literally a 'Naughty Dog Software File' XD. Mainly found in Crash Bandicoot games.
Tools for unpacking these files: WADTool v1.0 - ( - Usage Notes: You will be asked to pick a WAD file only, which means that HED should be located in the same directory. hedwadtool - ( - See above. PSMPlay - ( - For viewing .STR, .TIM, .MOV, .IKI & .XA files. XnView - ( - For vieweing .BOB files & converting them to .BMP format. If your .BIN has .BOB files, use this. *Download 'XnView Extended Setup' To extract the .NSF Files in Crash Bandicoot games, download CrashEdit.
A BRIEF GUIDE ON UNPACKING PSX GAMES: Usually if I'm going to unpack a game, I like to create a folder called GAMENAME_UNPACKED, to avoid confusion with files. Use CDMage to open the .BIN we created. CDMage will ask you what image type the .BIN is. Select 'M2/2352 track'. Right Click on 'Track 1' under 'Session 1', and select 'Extract files'. Point the extraction to the GAMENAME_UNPACKED folder, which should be inside the folder on the desktop we have been using throughout this guide. From here, I used CrashEdit to analyse the .NSF files within the .BIN. The Crash Bandicoot PSX Disc does have a .WAD on the root of it, however there was no corresponding .HED file and I was unable to open it. Weird. As I said before, this process differs game to game. With CrashEdit, I couldn't really find any images or audio that would work well on the PS3 XMB. From here, I'll either Google an image or use the default PIC1.png for my Crash Bandicoot .PKG. As the Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy has been released for the PS4, I am going to use a promotional .JPG that is already in 1920x1080 format for my PIC1.PNG. Convert any 1920x1080 file to the correct format by simply opening the downloaded .JPG in and saving it as PIC1.PNG in our working folder. Nonetheless, not all games are the same, and for the sake of the tutorial, I will demonstrate a quick way to extract .BMP files from another game I own, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Use imgburn to create a .BIN like earlier in the tutorial. Open the .BIN in CDMage, select the correct parameters, and extract the contents of the .BIN to a folder named something like THPS_UNPACKED. Create a new folder inside THPS_UNPACKED and call it WAD. Use WADTool v1.0 to extract the WAD created by CDMage & extract it to THPS-UNPACKED -> WAD. Look for any files that may be of interest. Usually menu backgrounds look great as XMB backgrounds.
Here I found main_h.bmp. It will make a good background.
Remember to open any file you find in, save it as a .PNG and rename it appropriately (PIC1.png). Save it to the working folder on the desktop. Cool! We have our own 'custom' Background. Want to make a Description? (PIC0.PNG): In the PS3 Icon Templates archive we downloaded earlier, there are two .TTF files. Play-Bold.ttf, and Play-Regular.ttf. Right-Click each of these items and select 'Install', granting Administrator privileges if necessary. These fonts are the official fonts used in any PIC0.PNG image from any official PSN Store PKG download. Use these fonts to create your own PIC0.PNG. If you'd like to create your own PIC0.PNG, in open 'PIC0.PNG' found in the PS3 Icon Templates folder we downloaded earlier. You can use the Play-Bold.ttf & Play-Regular.ttf fonts to accurately replicate the authentic font that is found on the XMB of any official PSN Store PKG download. I found Font Size 72 worked well for the game titles, depending on how long they were.
Experiment with the font size for your game descriptions to fit in as much text as you can. If you'd like to use the authentic game descriptions, head over to This website also provides a nice alternative to the PSX Covers website mentioned earlier, with a great collection of cover art for PSX games. Just Right-Click on any Cover-Art you see on the site & Select 'Save Image As'. Navigate to the working folder on the desktop and Save the .JPG.) You can use this file when creating your ICON0.PNG, just remember to export the final product as a .PNG file!!
To find Game Covers at, Find the GAMES LISTS button at the top of the page and navigate to either NTSC-U, PAL, or NTSC-J.- Within these directories will be the games we are searching for. Simply click the green 'INFO' button on the left of the desired game. On this page will be a Game Description that we can paste into our PIC0.PNG project in, and also a PSX Game Cover. We will likely have to manipulate the text to make it fit in the PIC0.PNG template. When it comes to text boxes in , the Arrow Keys and SHIFT+ENTER are your friend. If you would prefer to use some prebuilt PIC0.PNG's, here is an archive of PIC0.PNG's for 138 PSX games not available on PSN Store. Unpack the archive, and browse the PIC0 folder. If there is a PIC0.PNG that corresponds to the game you are converting, copy the file to the Working Folder archive on the desktop, and rename it PIC0.PNG. (HINT: You can find the games you are searching for, by looking for the corresponding GAMEID in the PIC0 folder).
Cool! We have our own 'custom' Description. Want to make an XMB audio file?: I like to use the native audio from the games, albeit sometimes the files are a bit hard to find. If you have an easily accessible song / audio file in mind, go ahead and prepare that particular file in .wav format. Extracting audio files from .STR files: If your .BIN file has .STR files inside them, these files are a great way to extract the audio we will need for our Menu Music. Open any .STR file in PSMPlay to view them. When the PSMPlay interface loads, Right-Click the 'i' icon, and select File -> Open Media File. Load your .STR (INTRO.STR might be a good place to start). You can use PSMPlay to preview the .STR files, although it does crash sometimes. If it ever does, just CTRL+ALT+DEL & end the process then restart the program. If you are happy to use the audio from the loaded .STR, Right-Click the 'i' icon again, this time selecting 'Output WAV'. Browse to the working folder on the desktop and name the file 'SND0_WAV.wav' A Dialogue box will appear in the top left. Click 'Start' and wait for PSMPlay to do it's thing. Creating .WAV from .PSF Files: Alternatively, if there are no .STR files on your .BIN, or, if you don't want to reverse engineer a video file just to get an audio file (Hey, this is supposed to be fun remember? :P), Zophar's Music Domain has an awesome collection of .PSF (PlayStation Audio) files. The files on this site are .RAR downloads, and they essentially contain the background music for all the levels of any game. They are really helpful for making menu music. .PSF files cannot be opened by Windows or macOS natively, so to be able to utilise and convert them, we're going to need to use a piece of software called foobar2000. In order to read and convert .PSF files, foobar2000 also needs this .PSF decoder. Go ahead and download/install both of them. Now, download a .PSF archive from Zophar's Music Domain and unRAR it with winRAR. Select all the files in the directory and drag them across into foobar2000 (once the .PSF decoder plugin has been installed). Now you can peruse the .PSF contents of the disc and choose appropriate audio for your .PKG. Once you have selected a .PSF file you are happy to use, Right-Click it and select Convert -> Quick Convert. Make sure 'WAV' is selected, then click Convert. Navigate to the working folder on the desktop and select OK. foobar2000 will convert the .PSF to .WAV.
Now, we must convert our .WAV file to a file that the PS3 can recognise when bundled into a .PKG. This file is called SND0.AT3.Extracting audio from a .STR on the CRASH_BANDICOOT disc seemed impossible, and even downloading the .PSF archive for this game did not give me the title music I really wanted for my SND0.AT3. I still ended up here. You know, Sometimes, a good old Youtube-MP3 converter is the 'best' Last Resort. Many of them exist, it really shouldn't be too hard to find one. Do with it what you will, and use the tools I have provided to generate a .WAV file. (Manually converting to .WAV not ABSOLUTELY necessary, as GoldWave can import .mp3 files, this is explained shortly). Generating a SND0.AT3 from our .WAV files: There is already a terrific guide on creating a SND0.at3 file. Go ahead, make an .AT3, then come back here. The guide mentions looping the .AT3. with GoldWave AT3 Looping Tool. I definitely recommend doing this extra step, and making your .AT3 loop. Even if you did not generate an audio file from a .STR file or a .PSF file, you must still follow this guide to create your SND0.AT3. Once you have a SND0.AT3, place it in the working folder on the desktop. Now we have all the files we need to make our .PKG!
The 'Working Folder' on the Desktop we have been using. Here are our generated ICON0.PNG, PIC0.PNG, PIC1.PNG & SND0.AT3 files.
Double-Check, then Triple-Check that all the files you're about to move are to your liking. Then one by one, copy your created ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG, PIC0.PNG & SND0.AT3's to the 'PKG' folder in the the 'Working Directory' that we have been using on the desktop (The one we actually renamed to 'GAMEID') earlier on in the tutorial. (If you're lost, it's the highlighted folder in screenshot above.)
Theoretically, our directory should now look like this: USRDIR, ICON0.PNG, PARAM.SFO, PIC0.PNG, PIC1.PNG, PS3LOGO.DAT & SND0.AT3.
Finalised 'GAMEID' folder. It is very important that this folder is named 'GAMEID'!
Dude, this has been so much effort. Is it even going to look good? For one last check of how our images are going to look on the XMB, we can use the RetroXMB_Creator.exe we downloaded earlier. Open RetroXMB_Creator.exe and navigate to the 'Preview' Section. From here, Right-Click the Background, and options such as SET PIC0.PNG, SET PIC1.PNG, SET ICON0.PNG (Right-Click on the PSX Icon for this option) & SET SND0.AT3 appear. Unfortunately, We cannot preview the .AT3 files here. You can play them back through GoldWave, but remember that because we changed the Sample Rate in accordance with the SND0.AT3 guide, the audio file will sound slightly different to what you're used to hearing when played back on a PC. Do not worry, this difference is compensated for on the PS3 Console & your SND0.AT3 WILL sound 'normal'. Once you are happy with how your .PKG is going to look, proceed to STEP 6:
STEP 6: Pack the contents of the generated folder (In this instance, 'SCES00344') into a PKG with TrueAncestor PKG Repacker: Extract TrueAncestor PKG to a memorable folder, such as My Documents. Once this is completed, copy the 'GAMEID' folder we created earlier to TrueAncestor_PKG_Repacker_v2.45 -> game. Run 'repacker.exe' with Administrator privileges, and select option 2. Custom Pack PKG. TrueAncestor will then ask you for the .PKG type. Press '5' for 'PSOne Classic'. The GAMEID folder we just pasted to TrueAncestor_PKG_Repacker_v2.45 -> game should show up as Option 1 in the Game Folder List. Press 1, then hit ENTER. TrueAncestor will soon say [\] Please follow this ContentID sample:. Copy the *EXACT** code it provides, and paste it where it says [?] Please enter ContentID / A to abort: Press ENTER, and the process will progress.
Entering the ContentID in TrueAncestor
TrueAncestor will then announce [*] It will take a few minutes, please wait.... Do so, and come back when it's done. It shouldn't take TOO long. TrueAncestor will place a completed .PKG file in TrueAncestor_PKG_Repacker_v2.45 -> pkg. Copy this newly created .PKG (It will be something like 'TA9000-SCES00344_00-0000000000000000.pkg') and navigate to the 'Working Folder' we have been using on the desktop. Create a new folder inside it called PKG_FINALISED then paste the .PKG here. STEP 7: Re-sign your newly created .PKG with PS3 Resigner Master Tool: Extract the PS3 Resigner Master Tool archive we downloaded earlier to a memorable location, such as My Documents. Copy the newly created .PKG we pasted in 'PKG_FINALISED' to the 'input -> pkgs' folder of PS3 Resigner Master Tool. Go back twice, and select 'resign_windows.bat'
Hopefully, you should be greeted with a message similar to this:
After a while, the tool will finalise & sign your .PKG. You will know the file is completed when PS3 Resigner Master Tool reports something similar to: pkg signed!1 file(s) moved.ps3xploit_resign:Output files:PKGS:.\output\pkgs\TA9000-SCES00344_00-0000000000000000.pkg_signed.pkg Press any key to continue . . . Navigate to PS3 Resigner Master Tool -> output -> pkgs. You will notice that '_signed' has appeared next to the title original title name.
STEP 8: Copy the newly created (& signed) .PKG back to the 'PKG_FINALISED' folder we created earlier: For safety's sake, duplicate it once we have pasted it back. Name a copy GAMETITLE_GAMEID_SIGNED. eg.CRASH_BANDICOOT_SCES-00344_SIGNED.PKG. That's it! We're done! Move the generated file we just signed over to your PS3 console via FTP or USB Transfer. Place it in dev_hdd0 -> packages. Go to Package Manager, look for your .PKG and install it.
Once installed, your PSX game will show up in the PSX Games folder inside XMB Xross Media Bar folder.
Have fun booting your PSX games right from your XMB! If you encounter any errors during the installation (or boot) of your .PKG, look back on the compression rates of the files we have imported and make sure they are correct. By default, they should be. Also, ensure the .PKG was resigned properly (Especially for HAN/HEN users). Converting PSX Discs to .BIN / .ISO format can be very finnicky sometimes. Double check the imgburn website to confirm the correct transfer rates and parameters for PSX CD-ROMS. Other issues may be caused by PAL / NTSC indifferences or incorrect .BIN to EBOOT.PBP conversion. For those of you who already own a copy of Crash Bandicoot and would like to try this method out without having to first generate your own files or use the stock ones, I have uploaded the files that were created throughout this tutorial to a MEGA folder here.
For those who'd like to see this process in action, I have also posted a video tutorial here. :)(
submitted by codeyoc to ps3homebrew [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 18:19 KieselguhrKid13 Gravity's Rainbow Group Read Sections 62-65 Week 19

Howdy, folks! Stepping in this week as pinch-hitter, so I'm still finishing out the discussion post. However, since I'm sure some of you are anxious to start discussing this week's thoroughly fascinating sections, I'm posting now with some introductory thoughts and discussion questions to get things started. I will update this to include discussion notes for the individual sections this evening!
"What?" - Richard M. Nixon
Thus begins The Counterforce, the final book of Gravity's Rainbow. Interestingly, that wasn't the original epigraphs. Before Watergate hit, Pynchon had the following lyrics from Joni Mitchell's song "Cactus Tree" featured.
She has brought them to her senses,
They have laughed inside her laughter;
Now she rallies her defenses,
For she fears that one will ask her
For eternity
And she's so busy being free."
I think that last line in particular relates to Katje's conversation with Enzian in section 65, but we'll get to that.
Section 62
We open with Slothrop being woken up by the sound of none other than our old friend, Pirate Prentice, buzzing overhead in a P-47 Thunderbolt, aka a "Jug". It's an older model, "one with a greenhouse canopy" - just like in the beginning when he was harvesting bananas, Pirate finds himself in a greenhouse. 'Cept this time, he's having a bit of a conversation with Katje's dodo-killing ancestor, Frans van der Groov, musing over the nature of wind and windmills-as-mandalas.
I'll pause to note another possible Waste Land reference here that admittedly may be a stretch, but this is Pynchon we're talking about here, so it's entirely plausible. In Section II: A Game of Chess, we see the lines, "yet there the nightingale / Filled all the desert with inviolable voice / And still she cried, and still the world pursues, / “Jug Jug” to dirty ears." The nightingale story being that of Philomela, who was raped by her sister's husband, king Tereus. She managed to get revenge via her sister, and the two were transformed by the gods into birds - Philomela into a nightingale. The connection becomes less tenuous when you consider how this is a story of preterite vs elect, with the preterite actually managing to strike back for once. So flying a plane nicknamed the "Jug" fits Pirate's counterforce rather well, no?
We then shift to Gustav and Säure, discussing a game of chess. Gustav is focused on "moving beyond the game, to the Row" (in Chess, if a piece makes it all the way to the opponent's back row it can become any piece, including a queen). Gustav sees the Row as "enlightenment"; however, Säure is a bit more disillusioned and recognizes the Row for what it is - "another game." Säure recognizes everything as a game - so if he's going to be stuck playing games, he can at least choose which game he plays - hence is taste in music and his propensity for narcotics. We'll see this idea spring up again later when Pirate discusses paranoia with Mexico.
Back to Slothrop now, who's washing his harmonica in a stream. Bafflingly, it is the very same harmonica that fell down the toilet that night at the Roseland Ballroom, though who knows how... Slothrop is holed up in the mountains, playing the role of the Hermit in what honestly seems to be a pretty pleasant lifestyle. Before recovering the harmonica, he stumbled upon (?!) a set of bagpipes and taught himself to play. His music seems to have prompted someone to leave offerings of food, though whether the offering is a "thank-you" or a plea to stop with the bagpipes is a mystery. He takes the hint and stops playing, and finds his harmonica the next day.
In keeping with his new hermit lifestyle, he's letting his hair and beard grow out, laying naked in the grass and being one with nature. Honestly, I keep thinking how nice that life sounds, especially with how this year's going in the US... But much as Slothrop's embraced a return to nature, there's still part of him, the American part, that just can't let go of the dream of somehow finding a way back to his home country. He's hooked on the ideal, the promise of America, even though she is "immune to [her citizen's] small, stupid questions" because they "have no rights." (623) He's also a bit stuck, still, on the question of Jamf and his own childhood, but he knows that any form of putting his head out carries risk. As the Hermit, he's searching for illumination, but just one step at a time.
Already, he's become one of the Zone's legends - he finds a graffito of "Rocketman was here" and next to it, almost without thinking, he draws the mandala of the rocket. He starts to see fourfold mandalas everywhere. from windmills to swastikas, even becoming one as he lays "spread-eagled" in the sun, "becom[ing] a cross himself, a crossroads, a living intersection" where a criminal was hung and a mandrake grew.
Mandrake, being magical, used to be taken by magicians so they could make their money multiply, but did they ever take inflation into consideration? Thankfully the Committee on Idiopathic Archetypes steps in to remind said Magician of the broader economic disadvantages to such folk magic.
Anyway, Slothrop's now fully transfigured into The Fool (not as bad as it sounds - think new beginnings, innocence, a free spirit). The zero card of the Tarot. Since it's the zero card, apparently, it "does not have a specific place in the sequence of the Tarot cards. The Fool can be placed either at the beginning of the Major Arcana or at the end. The Major Arcana is often considered the Fool’s journey through life and as such, he is ever present and therefore needs no number." ( Gosh, sound like anyone we know?
And what of the Magician we just encountered? Well, turns out he's the one card, signifying new beginnings and the "connection between the spiritual realms and the material realms" which he uses to "manifest his goals in the physical realm" (
I'll add, too, that Weisenburger has a brilliant note on Slothrop's astrological chart based on the line, "Past Slothrops, say averaging one a day, ten thousand of them." (624). Turns out that would place his birthday on March 21, 1918 - on the cusp of the Vernal Equinox (spring, rebirth, the return to the living part of the great cycle). Not only that, but the "midheaven of Slothrop's chart would be a perfect zero" and his whole chart aparently is perfectly balanced - a "motif of opposites held in equipoise" - a mandala, in other words. (Weisenburger, 327). Good lord, Pynchon is either insanely thorough or super lucky with how that turned out, and I've gotta lean on the side of that being deliberate.
Section 63
We've finally rejoined Roger Mexico! Though he's not in the best of states anymore, Jessica having finally called off their wartime romance and settled back into "normal life" with Jeremy. Strangely, his car is full of jars of baby food in colors reminiscent of Mrs. Quoad's pre-war British candies, but he feels it's better not to ask where the jars keep rolling out from.
Seems Roger still feels some duty to poor Slothrop, who's been abandoned in the Zone, though Jessica is happy to put them both safely away in her past. But Jessica seems a bit optimistic here - "But, 'Roger,' she'd smile, 'it's spring. We're at peace." (628). But no, that's just "another bit of propaganda." It's the illusion of spring, but there's no true rebirth here - just a different form of war, a more subtle, hidden version. Because waste lands like this one have broken the natural death-rebirth cycle in favor of an artificially long life, at the cost of a slow, wasting death with no return.
Roger's gone a bit mad from his break with Jessica, his realization of being manipulated by Pointsman, and his new insight into the degree of cooperation between industry and military, even before the war, and certainly after. So what's a man to do? Well, crash into Twelfth House and assault both Géza Rózsavölgyi and a poor German secretary via a truly deranged psychological campaign that manages to break them both into pointing him in the direction of Pointsman, in Mossmoon's office. Roger breaks into a meeting of some high-level government and corporate folks, stands on the meeting desk, and proceeds to take a piss on them. Then cue an exciting chase scene for the action enthusiasts, and Roger makes his exit to go meet up with Pirate Prentice.
Prentice seems amused by Mexico's amateur-paranoid attempt at striking back against Them, and proceeds to school Roger in a more mature form of paranoid systems, explaining that, in the face of a "well-developed 'They-system'" one must develop a "We-system" comprised of delusions of unity and the ability to strike back. Prentice explains:
Needless to say, 'delusions; are always officially defined. We don't have to worry about questions of real or unreal. They only talk out of expediency. It's the system that matters. How the data arrange themselves inside it. Some are consistent, others fall apart. (638)
Mexico counters that "you're playing Their game, then," to which Prentice explains, "Don't let it bother you. You'll find you can operate quite well. Seeing as we haven't won yet, it isn't really much of a problem." (638)
Then, after a dizzying scene of defiance against Their orderly, rational system, that sees Nora Dodson-Truck set upon by visions of freaks, fluorescent Jesus, and elephant soixante-neuf, we are treated to a song that encompasses the Counterforce in its final line: "it isn't a resistance, it's a war." (Incidentally, during the Pynchon in the time of Covid reading of GR, someone did an absolutely bang-up rendition of this song - anyone remember which video that was?)
Section 64
We're now introduced to Pfc. Eddie Pensiero, who's the company's benzedrine-fueled barber. His friend Paddy McGonigle is an example of "those million virtuous and adjusted city poor you know from the movies" (641) - think the merry, dancing immigrants in the bowels of the Titanic - the good obedient preterite who have embraced their lot in life (and who, incidentally, probably did not get first, or even second, dibs on the lifeboats...)
This being the Zone, power is still limited, so the lone lightbulb is powered by McGonigle hand-cranking a generator. Though the bulb seems to be providing steady illumination, it is in fact subtly pulsing based on the speed at which Paddy cranks. A series of slivers with a ∆t approaching zero creating the illusion of a greater whole. Just like Slothrop's daily iterations of self, just like the minute course adjustments made by the rocket.
To the tune of Slothrop's distant harmonica, Eddie commences cutting the colonel's hair, prompting an immediate, unfiltered monologue. If you've ever seen Waiting for Godot, this reminded me of the character of Lucky who is silent until his hat is removed and who then begins reciting endless philosophical musings. The colonel seems fixated on sharing his journey up a concrete mountain of rubble, dodging arms of black rebar. The image is almost like a close-up of a scalp, with black hairs poking out.
In this vision/story/? we witness a dialogue between Skippy (the colonel?) and Mister Information, who kindly explains the idea of forking paths of probability, and the pointsman (Pointsman?!) who "is a nice man" "wearing a white hood" who controls these points of inflection, of branching, that determine if we go to Happyville or Pain City. It's about as ominous a vision as GR can present - the white hood imagery bringing to mind both the Klan and possibly an executioner or judge. Not exactly who we want in control, is he? And apparently even pre- and post-war, "the dying tapers off now and then" but the real War, the endless War, carries on and kills people "in more subtle ways. Often in ways that are too complicated, even for us, at this level, to trace." (645). Think of the nature of violence - not direct, obvious "stab you in the gut" violence, but slow, invisible violence - the kind the State likes to enact. Racial segregation, building chemical plants in the poor parts of town, running a highway through a previously-thriving neighborhood, choosing which laws to enforce, and who to enforce them against, denying people vital healthcare, letting hundreds of thousands of people die from a pandemic. That's all violence - just the invisible kind we don't see. The slow, wasting kind that drags people down. And if only we could just eliminate all those undesirables, those preterite swine, completely? "Wouldn't it be nice..."? Seems the Germans weren't all that original, just more direct, more hasty.
Then our pal Skippy (the colonel?) gets taken to Happyville, by an amicable robot crab (Cancer) that throws out quips like it was made by those bastards as the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation and I'll be damned if that didn't inspire Douglass Adams when he wrote Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Cut back to the colonel's haircut, and we are informed that that flickering lightbulb is none other than Byron the Bulb, preterite hero and immortal lightbulb. (If you hadn't noticed a significant number of mentions of lightbulbs throughout this book on this read-through, you will on your next.) Turns out there's a real, honest-to-goodness conspiracy to fix the energy usage and lifespan of lightbulbs by the Phoebus Cartel (look it up - it's real). They've worked to find the perfect balance between using up energy to keep the power company happy and lasting jusssst long enough to keep customers from complaining. Well, Byron, being immortal, wants to inspire a lightbulb revolution - a guerrilla campaign where lightbulbs take out humans in revenge for their artificially-shortened lifespans. But turns out, the cartel's a lot more powerful than one little lightbulb, immortal or not, and they send a hit man out for Byron. But Byron escapes through a series of lucky breaks, and avoids capture.
We learn that Lyle Bland has discovered a powerful corporate weapon - "that consumers need to feel a sense of sin." (652) Think about it - don't you love buying something nice enough that you feel just a twinge of guilt? Who doesn't, in one way or another. But hey, I'm in marketing, so I can at least put this to good use on the job...
Sadly for Byron, he grows old without being able to inspire revolution, instead becoming something of a Sibyl - gifted with long life but not eternal youth and optimism. Taken out of the cycle - no return. The immortal's curse.
The scene ends back on the colonel, head tilted back, Byron watching on powered by Paddy, with Eddie's clutched fist holding the scissors over the colonel's exposed throat. But we end mid-sentence, forever waiting and wondering.
Section 65
A shift, now to Katje, who's meeting up with Enzian to discuss their mutual acquaintance, Weissman. They're both part of the Zone-legend as well, now, as they've begun to realize. They also have more questions than answers - neither knowing what's become of Slothrop, or of Weissman for that matter, and feeling powerless in the Vacuum. Katje's laugh is world-weary, without it's edge and thoughts of "deeps, profit and loss, H-hours and points of no return." (659).
Contrast that to part IV of The Waste Land - Death by Water: " Phlebas the Phoenician, a fortnight dead, / Forgot the cry of gulls, and the deep sea swell / And the profit and loss. / A current under sea / Picked his bones in whispers. As he rose and fell / He passed the stages of his age and youth / Entering the whirlpool."
We also learn that Enzian is overseeing the Schwarzkommando as they build out "underground schools, systems for distributing food and medicine" (660) - exactly what the Black Panthers accomplished in numerous cities before the FBI shut them down and vilified them to the nation as terrorists. Another counterforce shut down by those in control.
Katje offers some insight into the nature of racial prejudice - she realizes she is projecting her own darkness onto Enzian. What she fears in him is what she sees in herself. I think there's merit to that angle.
Finally, Enzian tells Katje something that seems to scare her: "you are free. You are free. You are free..." (661) Katje, as Weissman observed, depends on masochism as a form of reassurance - that she's still human. She's been so beaten down and conditioned by society that she's come to depend on control as part of her identity. So of course freedom is terrifying - everything in her past, in her conditioning, has taught her to depend on being controlled. Suddenly, she becomes a much more relatable character...
Note: In the Weissenburger guide, his introduction to The Counterforce includes a sentence that truly made me laugh - "In a minimal nod toward conventionally realistic narrative, part 4 brings most of the novel's other main characers to well-defined ends." (321)
Discussion questions:
  1. The four books of Gravity's Rainbow are significantly different in their lengths. Do you think this is intentional? Is there a pattern or meaning behind their lengths (21, 8, 32, and 12 sections, respectively)?
  2. What do you think of the two different epigraphs for this section? Why do you think Pynchon selected the original Joni Mitchell lyrics, and why do you think he made the choice to instead feature the simple, "What?" from Richard Nixon?
  3. How do you interpret Slothrop's transformation? Do you think it's a positive or a negative?
  4. What do you make of the colonel's climb? Of Eddie's scissors poised over his jugular at the end of section 64? This is the second time we've seen someone with a knife (or runcible spoon) to their throat - why the repeat of this imagery?
submitted by KieselguhrKid13 to ThomasPynchon [link] [comments]

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Primarily data programming in R (nothing huge), some digital art/music editing and light gaming at 1080p.
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
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Title: 'MuCon' Lee Sung Soo CEO: "NCT, a group and platform that is in the plans for 30 years... SM's direction"
SM's CEO Lee Sung Soo provided an explanation regarding the NCT system.
SM's CEO Lee Sung Soo held the MU:CON ONLINE 2020 online conference at 1pm on the 25th, and this is the live coverage.
As a 'New Business' concept that breaks the boundaries of the music industry, CEO Lee said this of the NCT system "NCT is the embodiment of (SM's) culture technology", and "it includes SM's 30 years' worth of planning, and is both an artiste's name, as well as a platform".
He added, "NCT is a team without restrictions, and evolves and expands indefinitely; which is aligned with SM's Culture Expansion", and that "In 2016, when Lee Soo Man CEO and producer announced 'Neo Culture Technology', it revealed that we will be moving on to new forms of cultural technologies. At the same time, he announced the formation of a group with the same name, and stated that this group will shine in about 5 years' time. It is now 5 years later, in 2020." As such, "NCT is realising this plan, where the experimental album that includes all 23 members will be revealed on the 12th of next month (October)."
Following which, he explains of NCT's worldview, "It is not just through books or webtoons, but also being united with artists, empathising with them, getting healing, and resonating with their music. The objective of becoming one through the power of music is the core of NCT". As well, "NCT's worldview is directly connected to SM's view on cultural technology; which is pioneering the shift towards 'New Culture Technology' - this is not limited to NCT alone, but is our overall direction."
On the other hand, this year's MU:CON included a total of 9 episodes, and is a global music market that aims to advance into foreign markets through building a network of industry workers both within and with-out the country. Due to the incidence of COVID-19, the whole conference was shifted online.
MU:CON 2020 carried the theme of 'Post Corona, Next Music Industry', and is held from the 23rd to the 26th (of September). From 24th to 25th, the conference included speakers such as Jason Ma, Co-CEO of Triller, a social music video platform; Lee Sung Soo, CEO of SM Entertainment; Jo Sung Moon, CEO of Chart Matric, a music industry data analysis company; and Kim Yeon Jung, Director at Twitter.
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2020.09.25 06:30 checkmate3001 Need a little help with Twitch and Youtube live streams.

EDIT: I want to be VERY clear. youtube-dl works great for any youtube video that ISN'T a live stream. I only have issues with live streams.
I watch a lot of live music streams since COVID hit. A lot of them are one-offs and removed as soon as the stream ends. So I'm trying to record the audio from Twitch and Youtube.
Live streams seem to be the most difficult, especially Twitch. Every time I've tried with Twitch I get a broken mp4 that isn't converted to a mp3. I'm not really sure how to approach the problem. I also am not sure how I can go about catching them when they start.
If anyone can give me some tips or point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've found bits and pieces of information, but a lot of information suggests using a different app or talks about recording the mp4 version and piping it through ffmpeg in a really fascinating way that truly confuses me.
Thanks in advance for all your help.
EDIT: More details of what I've tried.
So I first tried doing what works for most youtube videos to end up with just a mp3 file in the end:
youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 {url to video}
This results in a bunch of scrolling text and it appears to be downloading chunks of the stream in mp4 format which it normally later converts to mp3. The only way I am aware of making it stopping is to hit CTRL-C. I get a file with ".part" at the end and a result similar to this:
[ffmpeg] Interrupted by userize= 29440kB time=00:02:35.00 bitrate=1555.9kbits/s speed=1.08x
[ffmpeg] Downloaded 30670896 bytes
[download] 100% of 29.25MiB in 02:27
ERROR: WARNING: unable to obtain file audio codec with ffprobe
If I try renaming it to mp4 to try playing it, it doesn't work. If I try making ffmpeg convert it to mp3 it causes an error:
ffmpeg -i somefile.mp4 -vn somefile.mp3
ffmpeg version 4.3 Copyright (c) 2000-2020 the FFmpeg developers
built with gcc 9.3.1 (GCC) 20200621
configuration: --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-sdl2 --enable-fontconfig --enable-gnutls --enable-iconv --enable-libass --enable-libdav1d --enable-libbluray --enable-libfreetype --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopencore-amrnb --enable-libopencore-amrwb --enable-libopenjpeg --enable-libopus --enable-libshine --enable-libsnappy --enable-libsoxr --enable-libsrt --enable-libtheora --enable-libtwolame --enable-libvpx --enable-libwavpack --enable-libwebp --enable-libx264 --enable-libx265 --enable-libxml2 --enable-libzimg --enable-lzma --enable-zlib --enable-gmp --enable-libvidstab --enable-libvmaf --enable-libvorbis --enable-libvo-amrwbenc --enable-libmysofa --enable-libspeex --enable-libxvid --enable-libaom --enable-libgsm --disable-w32threads --enable-libmfx --enable-ffnvcodec --enable-cuda-llvm --enable-cuvid --enable-d3d11va --enable-nvenc --enable-nvdec --enable-dxva2 --enable-avisynth --enable-libopenmpt --enable-amf
libavutil 56. 51.100 / 56. 51.100
libavcodec 58. 91.100 / 58. 91.100
libavformat 58. 45.100 / 58. 45.100
libavdevice 58. 10.100 / 58. 10.100
libavfilter 7. 85.100 / 7. 85.100
libswscale 5. 7.100 / 5. 7.100
libswresample 3. 7.100 / 3. 7.100
libpostproc 55. 7.100 / 55. 7.100
[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 000002c0b1cec0c0] moov atom not found
somefile.mp4: Invalid data found when processing input
I've also tried just grabbing one of the manifest files:
youtube-dl -F
[youtube] f2N4G-A3-kw: Downloading webpage
[youtube] f2N4G-A3-kw: Downloading m3u8 information
[youtube] f2N4G-A3-kw: Downloading MPD manifest
[info] Available formats for f2N4G-A3-kw:
format code extension resolution note
91 mp4 256x144 HLS 197k , avc1.42c00b, 30.0fps, [email protected] 48k
92 mp4 426x240 HLS 338k , avc1.4d4015, 30.0fps, [email protected] 48k
93 mp4 640x360 HLS 829k , avc1.4d401e, 30.0fps, [email protected]
94 mp4 854x480 HLS 1380k , avc1.4d401f, 30.0fps, [email protected]
95 mp4 1280x720 HLS 2593k , avc1.4d401f, 30.0fps, [email protected]
96 mp4 1920x1080 HLS 4715k , avc1.640028, 30.0fps, [email protected] (best)
youtube-dl -f 94 -g[ip]/id/f2N4G-A3-kw.1/itag/94/source/yt_live_broadcast/requiressl/yes/ratebypass/yes/live/1/goi/160/sgoap/gir%3Dyes%3Bitag%3D140/sgovp/gir%3Dyes%3Bitag%3D135/hls_chunk_host/,ei,ip,id,itag,source,requiressl,ratebypass,live,goi,sgoap,sgovp,playlist_duration,manifest_duration,vprv,playlist_type/sig/AOq0QJ8wRQIhAJSiaK3wdc1bHIxjndwjtd5UBbAYUmcFWTkP3sd5EoaUAiABYz1xMnQj2MB4Mno0bZKiBwsmtdl6PXbrKhORPo2N1Q%3D%3D/lsparams/hls_chunk_host,initcwndbps,mh,mm,mn,ms,mv,mvi,pl/lsig/AG3C_xAwRQIgKcBVyX1Wlj1Imkdbf96QXk78g6n8CNdM2t2v5-K14X4CIQCULpQ3ghc2aDLzuyVR2ANMtDCNmFKRa0tl4ukTMnXKyw%3D%3D/playlist/index.m3u8
youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3[ip]/id/f2N4G-A3-kw.1/itag/94/source/yt_live_broadcast/requiressl/yes/ratebypass/yes/live/1/goi/160/sgoap/gir%3Dyes%3Bitag%3D140/sgovp/gir%3Dyes%3Bitag%3D135/hls_chunk_host/,ei,ip,id,itag,source,requiressl,ratebypass,live,goi,sgoap,sgovp,playlist_duration,manifest_duration,vprv,playlist_type/sig/AOq0QJ8wRQIhAJSiaK3wdc1bHIxjndwjtd5UBbAYUmcFWTkP3sd5EoaUAiABYz1xMnQj2MB4Mno0bZKiBwsmtdl6PXbrKhORPo2N1Q%3D%3D/lsparams/hls_chunk_host,initcwndbps,mh,mm,mn,ms,mv,mvi,pl/lsig/AG3C_xAwRQIgKcBVyX1Wlj1Imkdbf96QXk78g6n8CNdM2t2v5-K14X4CIQCULpQ3ghc2aDLzuyVR2ANMtDCNmFKRa0tl4ukTMnXKyw%3D%3D/playlist/index.m3u8
Which again results in the scrolling text and it downloading the video in chunks. But again, when I hit CTRL-C to get it to stop, the results are the same. Unplayable mp4 file and unable to convert to mp3.
ffmpeg index-index.mp4.part -vn index-index.mp3
ffmpeg version 4.3 Copyright (c) 2000-2020 the FFmpeg developers
built with gcc 9.3.1 (GCC) 20200621
configuration: --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-sdl2 --enable-fontconfig --enable-gnutls --enable-iconv --enable-libass --enable-libdav1d --enable-libbluray --enable-libfreetype --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopencore-amrnb --enable-libopencore-amrwb --enable-libopenjpeg --enable-libopus --enable-libshine --enable-libsnappy --enable-libsoxr --enable-libsrt --enable-libtheora --enable-libtwolame --enable-libvpx --enable-libwavpack --enable-libwebp --enable-libx264 --enable-libx265 --enable-libxml2 --enable-libzimg --enable-lzma --enable-zlib --enable-gmp --enable-libvidstab --enable-libvmaf --enable-libvorbis --enable-libvo-amrwbenc --enable-libmysofa --enable-libspeex --enable-libxvid --enable-libaom --enable-libgsm --disable-w32threads --enable-libmfx --enable-ffnvcodec --enable-cuda-llvm --enable-cuvid --enable-d3d11va --enable-nvenc --enable-nvdec --enable-dxva2 --enable-avisynth --enable-libopenmpt --enable-amf
libavutil 56. 51.100 / 56. 51.100
libavcodec 58. 91.100 / 58. 91.100
libavformat 58. 45.100 / 58. 45.100
libavdevice 58. 10.100 / 58. 10.100
libavfilter 7. 85.100 / 7. 85.100
libswscale 5. 7.100 / 5. 7.100
libswresample 3. 7.100 / 3. 7.100
libpostproc 55. 7.100 / 55. 7.100
[NULL @ 00000202f6d1c1c0] Unable to find a suitable output format for 'index-index.mp4.part'
index-index.mp4.part: Invalid argument
So, I'm out of ideas. I'm clearly not doing it correctly - but I don't understand how to do it correctly.
submitted by checkmate3001 to youtubedl [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 06:14 Apohstrophy Ignore unless u like big walls of text and have read

Ok: bit of context, the text I'm about to show was in response to a response to my response to and the comments wouldn't let me post this so here we go I guess
First off, I actually agree with about 80% of what you're saying here, I just phrased it kinda poorly in the first post. I think season 11 was a disaster and really my comment was about season 13 and I should have focused more on how I'm looking forward to the future of the show and loved how 13 went.
Quickly gonna sneak this in here, I have a very low bar for comedy but comedy is about as close to the definition of "subjective" as you get so I'm just gonna agree and move on.
(No spoilers for s13 btw) Looking back on it, the ninja are very carefree about the whole situation and this is probably the big thing that I can point at and realize "wow, I never realized that." Completely changing subjects because I'm me, I've always hated the Munce and Geckles and that's a smaller thing I also can agree with. I then realized though, the Munce and Geckels made up most of the pre episode ten episodes which are mediocre at best and fillery garbage at worst and in fights following that they kinda just shut up cus the writers realized "yeah these guys suck."
I keep bringing up episode ten and the reason why is because that is a turning point and that's when the show went from "alright this is better than s11 and 12 but is still just meh" to giving me goosebumps because of how well it was written, how good the action was, the delivery of the lines, the AMAZING music, that one scene that I won't even talk about that it's so good(you just have to watch it, it's at the beginning of e10 I think), and finally, it just reminded me so much of earlier seasons like s5 and 6 as well as 4ish(4 is in its own little bubble of amazingness tho.) Also, the finale (or finales uwu xd haha gamer epic moment) is probably one of my favorites, maybe second favorite being honest.
Season 12
What time is it? It's season 12 time! Season 12 fails on too many levels and makes me sad thinking about it. First, I want to talk about the basic nonsense of the season. So first off, why is it a motherboard? I mean you have your CPU, RAM and sometimes even your GPU attached directly but the one thing that isn't is a hard drive. Hard drives store all the data on any computer and so while the arcade cabinet needs a motherboard, it makes no sense why it would need this specific one.
But let's say the cabinet was designed only to accept this motherboard and it already has the hard drive, why does Jay put the motherboard in? It fits his character but(we'll get back to this later) makes no sense and is completely based on wrong timing and a mistake. The ninjas are allowed to make a mistake but I don't think two seasons in a row with villains caused by a mistake/bad judgement or timing(aspheera was unleashed due to the ninja solving the puzzle before Zane could translate) feels bad and like the ninja are super clumsy, which I should not be feeling about highly trained stealth warriors possessing some of the most powerful abilities that are so powerful they are just called "powers."
Next, why was the cabinet designed to open in the first place? Also, why was it designed to infest and corrupt thousands of other arcade machines. Unagami has limited power and he can't control the real world, let alone make an arcade cabinet have impossible abilities. I have only seen one of the prime empire shorts so I can't comment on how Unagami just shows up out of nowhere cuz why not but I do know that there is no way he can make these insane modifications. Admittedly I haven't watched the shorts but I think the answer is the mechanic did it or something. This point is weak but just bear with me.
Why didn't Unagami just kick the ninja out of the game? Unagami has the power to modify and change electronics to a never before seen level in an old janky arcade cabinet, why can't he just ban the ninja? The thing is, if you're trying to take over ninjago or come to terms with your maker or whatever, the people who have stopped more than 6(7 I think if you count skybound) very powerful villains and stopped some of them multiple times would be your top targets. The solution for Unagami winning is very simple but still, he does not do it. Not every season has this level of bullcrap, but do you know what every season does have?
The generic, grappy racing episode. Actually, I should say racing episodes. I am tired of these episodes and they are clearly made to push toys that no one wants as they are small, short to build plastic things that you'll probably just disassemble anyway. But they don't even sell toys entertainingly, season 13 sells you things like the dragon or the dungeon because they look cool as heck, are huge, are long builds and are from a great season and are also featured throughout the season, not just once for some lame racing schtik. The racer seven thing was kinda cool and in my opinion was better than the already mediocre Okino thing but...
Why does Okino break his programming? He shouldn't be able to and all of this was created by an AI, a person who should know the most about not allowing AIs to gain consciousness. Coding in a barrier for an AI in a video game shouldn't be too hard. Speaking of ridiculous things Unagami "overlooked" or whatever,
Why did Unagami create things that can destroy him, milton dyer clearly didn't put in a failsafe because someone was sucked into the game and there was no reason to further failsafe it after it was shut down. The keytanas make zero sense, imagine that you were a villain trying to gain control of new york city and confront your dad. At no point do you think "hey let's make some key things that I will allow the police to get that can, in theory, completely end my plan. This just plain makes no sense.
In earlier arguments you could say how Unagami doesn't have full power over the digital world and if Unagami doesn't have complete control as is partially suggested, why doesn't he just freeze time and kill all the ninja? He is shown to be able to freeze time which would be really helpful when trying to kill someone. He could literally sand each of them to death from head to toe if he wanted to because he can FREEZE TIME!
On a different note, why did Harumi beat Lloyd? Lloyd is supposed to be the smart mature one of the group and he knows Harumi's a fake but I just don't really get why this happens, Lloyd should be smart enough to let this not happen.
Why does Okino get free from the digiverse? Unagami says that if he helps the ninja he will be trapped in the game for eternity, a way too huge punishment, but he just lets him come out the portal. And it's not like he's just harmlessly there so why not let him through, he is actively fighting against Unagami and his forces.
Before we get into the real suckeroo of the season, the plot of this season closely copies ready player one. Think about it, the main characters get sucked into a video game and have to collect three keys, the both actually use keys like they aren't even trying to hide it anymore, in order to get some thing that they want. They also both get one of the first keys by competing in the "Deadliest race in all of _____" where there is no rules or whatever. Even the designs of IOI and 404 seem and sound awfully similar. You could say they are leaving in easter eggs related to ready player one but the elements that would be easter eggs are way too important for the plot to actually be just easter eggs or light heartedly referencing the movie. You could say they are (idk if I'm using this phrase right) paying homage to ready player one but if they are it's crap and this whole situation feels awfully like how Clutch Powers was handled being a weird easter egg but getting really involved in the plot. also both suck so yeah theres that too
Jay's misrepresentation and the finale.
Removing stakes: The finale removes a lot of stakes by doing something horrible which is that it turns out the bad guy was "just misunderstood." NO, you do NOT get to do this. Consequences are caused by stakes and without any stakes there are no consequences meaning everything is meaningless and a waste of your time. You could be saying the villain has hurt and killed probably thousands of people by the looks of his portal and while they did get brought back to life he still tried to hurt and kill thousands more people in this finale. This is true but he is defeated by having a deep talk with his dad, which makes him seem like a joke, which makes you realize he's caused so much less evil than the already well mediated and controlled villains of ninjago, which removes some stakes.
Removing Stakes(The Keytanas): Stakes can also be removed by removing immersion and the keytanas are a great example of that. I already talked about how the keytanas are horrible or at least horrible for Unagami to create but they also have a pointless lasting effect. Up until now, every character has died to save Jay(ok I forgot what happened to Cole and Kai) and the fact that the keytanas are pretty much useless sort of undermines the sacrifices. While they do let him help, it isn't much as I'll explain in the next bit.
10 minute finale: The 10 minute finale kills any chance of it being good. s13 split the(teeny spoilers but not really for s13 in this paragraph) finale into two parts which means you get a 20 minute resolution and it works amazingly. s12's finale starts off focusing on the wrong things, continues to do so, sidelines a character and ends a whole(rebooted length) season worth of story and this just plain doesn't work.
Misunderstanding a Character: This section is also about what it means to be a focus season. If you are a focus season, you concentrate on one character and while that isn't the best formula, it still is one. This season does not focus on Jay at all or at least in a positive light. First off he starts by being clumsy by putting the motherboard in, suggesting that he is dumb. A bad guy was carrying it around and he probably wanted to put it in(owo) so WHY WOULD JAY? Next, throughout the season he is fairly knowledgeable but useless and continues on as horrible comic relief crap. Even when we get to the finale, his time to shine, the stakes are removed and the villain isn't even defeated by him, he just sorta gives a prelude to the actual talk which is lame as crap. You talk about Jay abuse and I haven't seen skybound in awhile but really it is the best you have to offer for Jay. Even though he is abused, this is a good thing. By putting Jay through torture we get to the inside of his character which reveals a very interesting and entertaining inside which made people like me fall in love with him. Ever since pretty much s1 through 5 and 7 through even 13, he's been the punching bag of jokes and it doesn't feel very funny, just sad. Don't get me wrong - there are some good Jay jokes but most of them are either said by him or not trying to belittle him. Going back to what you said, I actually wish they abused Jay more so that we got that amazing skybound feeling again. Overall, Jay is and has been misunderstood and skybound was a Jay AND Nya season, which is great, but isn't truly focused on digging Jay out of his grave. This was the one shot to fix this, and they screwed it up.
Misunderstanding a Character(Jay's orphanage and its effects on the season): Jay was an orphan. In skybound I guess they decided to spice up his character a bit and it really opened a door for future writing benefits but, well, Jay being a punching bag again happened. Jay being an orphan is supposed to have an effect on the season but really doesn't. As I said, Jay only gives a prelude, but it gets worse. He never really confronted the fact he was an orphan on screen and s12 gives the perfect opportunity for some setup and great payoff. Example: wu being grumpy. Wu was very grumpy at the beginning of MotM and didn't want to go to the place, later on he grew and faced the fact that cole and the ninja still needed his help and that helped them solve the ditch they were in. This is great because it furthers the plot, makes sense, pays off and is executed beautifully. Let's compare this to Jay being an orphan in s12. well um so he kinda uh someone on reddit said he might have mentioned it once and uh yeah and so uh uhhhhhh. Bummer. Essentially, Jay just gives this speech out of nowhere and it really grinds my gears that he just makes this well thought out speech that feels like it should be wrapping up some internal conflict but no, we needed the racing episodes ok, gotta sell plastic toys guys. This is handled poorly and has so much potential.
Season 12 is like a bar of gold compared to season 11 but I feel like people don't really get why it is so horrible. This could just be me and totally unreasonable but yeah, Imma probably go to bed now, it's 9:08.
This has been a long response to a long response that was longer than my long response to your long post and so, sorry if it's boring I guess. If I haven't addressed something I probably just agree with it and don't want to write 17 sentences all saying pretty much "I agree, ok cool." Also, take this comment with a grain or two of salt cus I watched s12 and 13 about 3 months ago now so really I'm gonna cherry pick parts that stood out to me for my memory, but I still think that even without that cherry picking s13 is great and you should keep watching as trust me, it gets better.
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2020.09.25 00:59 SonicFanChris4 Retroarch Will Not Start

When I click the .exe, a blank window opens and quickly closes. If I go to the log it reads:
[INFO] RetroArch 1.9.0 (Git 6388872a54)
[INFO] === Build =======================================
[INFO] CPU Model Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz
[INFO] Built: Aug 11 2020
[INFO] Version: 1.9.0
[INFO] Git: 6388872a54
[INFO] =================================================
[INFO] [Overrides]: Redirecting save file to "C:\Users\SonicFanChris 4\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch\saves\.srm".
[INFO] [Overrides]: Redirecting save state to "C:\Users\SonicFanChris 4\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch\states\.state".
[INFO] Version of libretro API: 1
[INFO] Compiled against API: 1
[INFO] [Audio]: Set audio input rate to: 48000.00 Hz.
[INFO] [Video]: Video @ 960x720
[INFO] [GDI]: Detecting screen resolution 1280x1024.
[INFO] [GDI]: Using resolution 960x720
[WARN] [SDL]: Couldn't open haptic device of the joypad #0: Haptic: There are 0 haptic devices available
[INFO] [Joypad]: Found joypad driver: "sdl2".
[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: freetype.
[INFO] [GDI]: Init complete.
[INFO] [Video]: Found display server: win32
[INFO] [XAudio2]: Requesting 64 ms latency, using 64 ms latency.
[INFO] [Display]: Found display driver: "gdi".
[INFO] [Display]: Found display driver: "gdi".
[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: freetype.
[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: freetype.
[INFO] [MIDI]: Input disabled.
[INFO] [MIDI]: Output disabled.
[INFO] [MIDI]: Initialized "null" driver.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 5.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 6.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 7.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 8.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 9.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 10.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 11.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 12.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 13.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 14.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 15.
[INFO] Disconnecting device from port 16.
[INFO] [SRAM]: SRAM will not be saved.
[INFO] [Playlist]: Loading history file: [C:\Users\SonicFanChris 4\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch\].
[INFO] [Playlist]: Loading history file: [C:\Users\SonicFanChris 4\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch\].
[INFO] [Playlist]: Loading history file: [C:\Users\SonicFanChris 4\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch\].
[INFO] [Playlist]: Loading history file: [C:\Users\SonicFanChris 4\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch\].
[INFO] [Playlist]: Loading favorites file: [C:\Users\SonicFanChris 4\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch\].
[WARN] [SDL]: Couldn't open haptic device of the joypad #0: Haptic: There are 0 haptic devices available

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